Friday, April 30, 2010

Mom's Quilts

My Mom made all these , she is a pretty amazing woman ! There will be times when she can make several quilt tops in a short lenght of time .Most all of them are small lap quilts ,she has made several large quilts over the years .The bottom quilt is one of my favorites ,she made 4 or 5 just like this pattern  .Every time I go to visit her she has alot of new tops to show me .Her and a friend Both get together every week to quilt ,chat and have lunch .Mom sometimes helps her friend to make tops for a church that donates the quilts to children all over.


  1. I really like the last's hard to beat a scrap quilt in my book!

  2. Yes I know ! Mom has made Lots of scrap quilts , she gave away alot of them , she helped to make donated quilts and she made several large quilts and has Hand quilted several more for others . I will be showing more of her work as I find the pictures .


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