Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring Flowers New & Old

I was trying to up-load these to Facebook to show a friend ,but had problems ,I wanted to talk about some of my favorite flowers . The peach Rose bush is new ,it is called Diamond Jubilee , the purple new wave petunia's came up on the their own in the ground   , purple lantana with petunia's and a special hibiscus that I lost when it got cold , they are not showing any signs of coming back.
The orange Trumpit vine and yellow Pansy is at Mom's, 2 of many different flowers she has  ,the snap dragon's came from my husband who got them from a friend that grows them.I had many different colors and styles of hibiscus , so far only a couple are coming back. The yellow orange one in the above pic. the flower alone was about 6 to 7" round .
I was finally able to post some of these on facebook ,but not all of them.

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