Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Quilts For Church Nursery

 About 4-5 years ago our church Ladies were making quilts for the Missionary's , for some reason ,I can't remember why they discontinued making them, So Our Leader and Pastor's wife decided to let me use the fabric for the draw string bags we now make for the Operation Christmas Child. There was 3 ziplock bags with some 4' blocks already cut and pinned to be sewn,the above is one of them , everyone loves this one.
 This one is more of a tropical look.
Sports Balls 
This one was a bag of them all cut and not pinned. I took all three bags to Mom's last time I went , Mom put this one together herself , the other two she finished sewing them , then I brought all the tops home ,Samantha my DIL helped me to cut and pin the batting and backing on them at church using some old sheets( for backing) that was given to the church.
 Then I did machine quilting on them using a fancy stitch and free motion quilting on the boarders.
 Robin had mentioned one time that the nursery could use some quilts for the babies ad children,So I presented them to Ms. Robin and her daughter Brittony ( Nursery Supervisor) to keep in the Nursery.
   Ms. Robin said she was going to put some racks in the nursery to hang the quilts on until a child or baby needs to use one.