Tuesday, July 23, 2019

New Quilts for OCC

 A Few Quilts that I made for the Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes ,most are at least 36 X 36 and do not have batting or binding for packing purposes, because we will have to roll them up and they are mostly for 2 to 4 year olds , my goal is to have 100 , so far we have 94 finished!
My Mom has made 45 herself and I made the rest some have the ties on that a lady from church and her friend did for us , most have a little bit of machine quilting on them.
We are hoping to make some little children happy !!

Monday, January 28, 2019

New Crazy Quilt

This is a new Crazy Quilt made by Myself and Mom We have been working on it off and on for 3 years finally finished it last summer . We decided we would put it in a quilt show, but so far I have not been able to do that ,  We decided just recently that we would like to try to sell it to anyone that is wanting a Family Heirloom Quilt ,Which we left lots of room for you to add more embellishments ,buttons ,Lace, ribbons,  tinkets ,charms and what ever you wish that would represent a family member in each block .

Close ups of what we have here , we have Velvet's  Satin's,  Lace, Brocades, Taffada Silks and some cottons , we have lace and buttons on each corner of the blocks  some Emboridery is on them too, you can add more.
We have a family Heirloom already for us  a block that represents family that has passed and some for us still here and we add more as we find something special. 
 If you are interested in this quilt please post in comments .Thank you !

Friday, April 13, 2018

Mom's Birthday Gifts I made for Her

 Old window that I had started about 3 years ago I Finally finished it for her in Jan of this year. I wanted it to be a barn Quilt for outside her house, We might be putting it on the porch.
A Elephant Ear cement bird bath or for a planter stand  That I made , I have huge Elephant Ears every year!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A few Christmas Gifts I Made -2017

 Wall hanging for Grandson

 Christmas themed table tops
 Blue Jean Pocketbook for Grand daughter
 African style cloth pillow for a friend , whom I quilted 2 quilts for her out of this same fabric ,it was sort of wax coated fabric '
Rag rug for Grand daughter out of double knits

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Pillows and Rug to go with Memory Quilt

 This was a surprise to the mother of Jordon, I hated to cut up these 2 shirts and the poncho
 So I decide to make pillows out of them and used lots of left over scraps for the rug.
 My Mom and sister has made many of these types of rugs out of 2 " squares, so I did the same  but sewed them up a little bit different.
 Poncho or rather a sweat shirt with hood made in to a bigger pillow
 When I saw this picture of her holding his favorite shirt it made me cry too.
This shirt was what he wore to he last wedding I printed the picture on cloth 
She seems to be looking at how it was made

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sharpie Art

 Trying something New , Someone had told me about doing some art work with Sharpie markers and alcohol and couple years ago , so I remembered this and decided to give it a try .The one on top was the very first one and I just loved how it turned out , so I made more and now I cannot stop!
 This one was another just experiment , it is amazing how the ink wants to go its on way with the alcohol, first I was hesitent about using a lot of it but the wetter it got the better it turned out , but too wet will take away the effect.so I did it  a little at a time.
 I had joined the Vida art collection program for artist to show their work on  clothing , handbags or pillows , and get a small percentage plus discounts . I have this one as a scarf.The top one as a clutch, the stars and  bright color carpis.
This with the blue flowers here did not turn out too good as the markers I used did not do the same as the Sharpies , so Sharpies it is!!  I have more but have not uploaded them yet, I will post those another day.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Queen Size Memory Quilt -Jordon

 I was asked by my oldest daughter if I could make a Memory quilt for her ex sister-in-law who's son had passed away last fall, they sent me a huge box of his blue jeans ,T-shirts, jogging shorts, button up shirts ,one of his Grandpa's favorite orange overalls (he was a machainc) and etc. Plus backing of Detroit Lions fabric.
 She did not have enough to make it a queen size , she said what ever size I could make it  was fine . Later on after talking to my daughter she said she was really wanting it to be queen size, I told her I could add another color to the backing to make it bigger ,so I matched the grey in the football backing.
I spent hours and days just getting the blocks ready before sewing them all together ,each one has something off a shirt jeans or what ever I could use to make the blocks , I felt like each one was speaking to me like he was right there .

 There was 3 t-shirts and a drawstring bag that I did not cut smaller, I used those to help fill in for the size, The drawstring bag has a zippered pocket that I kept on it for her to put something in it if she wants . the drawstring it self was very thick , had about 6 different color braided ropes inside it so I took those out and used them in different places.

 Here shows one of the bigger t-shirt blocks, I forgot to move camera when I used my phone for pictures , note that there is a frayed jean with red patched fabric from a pair of shorts .
 I had appicaded his name on 4 blocks that is on the second row from the top
 You can see a few of the pictures I printed on here .
Below is two colors of the rope from the drawstring to make it look like Morel mushrooms that he liked to pick for meals .

When I got ready to lay them out to see where to put them I had to use 3 tables outside because it was so big and I could tell better where to put them.

 Below this is close up f the ties, I used scraps of anything that was left to sew them on each corner block, that took time and was kind of difficult to do ,but I manage just a little at a time . I cut small strips of different colors for the ties.

 Below is Her when she saw the quilt , she was so Happy , surprised and overwhelmed . She had no idea that it would be this big or that I printed pictures on some of them with out her knowing it ,With Tammy's help I made that happen too .However I will never iron them onto the fabric again just print and sew.
I had gotten really attached to this quilt it felt special to me in making something like this for a parent was hard , I made 2 smaller ones a couple years ago with my Mom's help ,This one I did myself but my Daughter-in -Law helped whenever it had to be moved ,folded and etc. I would ask her opinion and she helped a lot with that too.I could not have done it without her helping folding it and etc as it was big and heavy. I really enjoy making Memory quilts ,I did have another woman ask about one a few months ago.