Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Fling Pirate Boat

I am a member of the community center of K-Ville ,I have mentioned this before  . We had our annual Spring Fling yesterday  . The theme for this one was pirate theme ,we had decided to have a boat partly for display and partly for taking pictures of the childern with a pirate  .
The wood part of  the boat was donated  & cut by   Shane Bennet, I painted it and added the details with cardboard   & etc.
I had to paint the rails ,anchor, captians steering wheel and water out of card board and then cut them out with a steak knife ,it was like a mini saw for me , then I had to figure out how to put them on , I have a stapel gun and thought that would be the quickest way .... wrong the staples were only size3/8th and should have been 1/2 or 3/4th .so I ended up using hot melt glue and fencing nails . ,The mast is made from a 2"x 2 " ten foot aluminim pole and a 1 " x 2" wood for the yard pole . putting that together I left for my husband Royce  . then I wrapped rope around that in places to look like a pirate  ship mast and added the sail made from a sheet that Mom donated ,then I added the little black flags Daisy Bennet gave us  . I also constructed a crows nest for the top  .
 As you can see Sarah and the boys Waylon and his friend Thomas helped to set it up on friday to make sure it was going to stay . Sarah is always wanting to help her PaPa .
 The Spring Fling turned out good with lots of happy kids getting their pictures taken with the pirate ship & pirate  .


  1. The pirate ship turned out great! Nice job!

  2. Thanks ,I did have fun making this loved it .


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