Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Great Grandson's Lost Quilts

Both of these quilts were supposenly sent to my Great grandson in Indianna back in Nov. of 2009 . His mother said they never reciecved them ,come to find out they had moved and never sent us the new address ,I did not know they moved ,no one ever told me . The quilt of the Noah Ark is a whole cloth that I machine quilted , the other one is also whole cloth that  Mom quilted by hand .Both took awhile to make .
My grand daughter checked to see if they could be recovered , she had gone to the house they used to live in and noticed quilts hanging up in the windows !
She could not be sure they were the same ones as she has not seen what they look like ,so I found these photo's .If they are the same ones in the windows ....Hummmmmm can anyone open a package that is not addressed to them ??

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  1. thats awful that they kept something that didnt belong to them! I would say from now on if you mail something like that make sure you get a tracking number and insurance! that way if it doesnt get to who it belongs to yo9u have proof of where it went!


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