Saturday, December 29, 2012

TuTu's For Our Girls

I had the idea to make some of these for the girls as I have seen so many on Pinterest and Facebook, I thought they would enjoy wearing them to play in, they can also wear them over a pair of long pants, leotards or shorts .
My sisters dog ChiChi just had to get in the middle, I guess she thought she looked like a ballerina .
I also made two really small ones for my great grand babies ,they are too young for them now but it will make cute pictures .
                                   My sister has made quite a few for a friends little girl and she wears then everyday,to play in and etc, she even wears them shopping with her Mom .              

Monday, December 24, 2012

Another Day of Baking

Chloe and Sarah mixing a batch of cookies 

Sarah had her turn too
Choc,and Reese Chip cookies ,with a couple Marshmellows in some of them.
Spritz Cookies made with cutters instead of Cookie press 
The girls Mom was helping and she said we should make a nice big cookie , we decided to make like cookie bars and added pecan's ,marshmellows and Mini Mini Reese cups ..........YUM!!!
It is so good !!
                               I also made a Peanut Butter Pie and Peanut Butter and Reese cup cookies

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ad-Wear Or Spam on Blog !!!???

                                  Not Sure how This Happened            Ad wear on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!

            I have no idea how this happened , but I seem to have ad wear or spam on my blog and I am not sure how to remove it ,we have the virus protection , my husband thought he got it off .

Does anyone have any better suggestions ! It is so annoying!!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Christmas Dresses for the Girls (Our Grand Daughters)

Rexa, Mom and I made 4 of these while we were at Mom's.They took quite a bit of time to make, however I think I made the boarder and the Scotty Dogs a little bit to big.
This is part of their Christmas gift ,as they will be wearing them for a Christmas Program on the 23rd.
My sisters girls are in a school play .I gave my girls theirs early and they love them ,both wanted to wear them that day.
I still need them to try them on ,hope there will be no changes!
We still have to make a bow for the neck ,I better get to that soon too.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Two New Seamstress's In the House !

Saturday Sarah came over saw me cutting out more things to sew up. She decided she wanted to make a Blanket and Pillow for the new doll I gave her for her birthday.
I was going to sew it up , she looked so interested in the machine that I decided to let her try and she did a good job!

Then her older sister Chloe came over saw what she was doing ,so I let her try too.
This is the blanket and pillow, yes they are simple ,but I had already put the hearts on them ,however it was Sarah's idea to put them on.
They both did a good job, I plan in the near future  to show them how to sew a 1/4th seam with quilt squares ,maybe they will want to make a quilt  too.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sarah's 7th Birthday Skirt and Extra's

Skirt I made for Sarah's 7th Birthday
Was unable to rotate the picture , it is a new blouse to go with Skirt .

The red head doll I brought at "Christmas on the Square "in Live Oak ,we saw both the dolls at a booth I made the comment that this doll is so cute and looks almost like Sarah, well my sister said get it, I really didn't need to spend the money but brought it anyway ,then this blonde doll I said looks just like your grand daughter you need to get one too. Haha 
Anyway I was not too crazy about the yellow leather skirt so I made a pink one to match the pink in her hair.
 Sarah's birthday way on the 8th and she loved everything I made her and the doll too.

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Christmas Stockings

 I used the old pillow stripes for this and blanket stitched the Tree, Stars and Hearts on.
 This one is on Taffada with a fancy quilting stitching, antique lace and Christmas decoration
Blue Jean With red leaves fabric, gold rick rack that has been in my closet forever !
Gold poke-a-dot on green with antigue lace.
I have these four here at home and many more at a gift shop in Winter Haven,Fl.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stacey's Baby Shower ~ Quilt

This will be Stacey's second son, I had leftover fabric from the first one, so I made it about like his brothers .Same fabric and colors, different pattern.
        Very happy mother !!
              Her and little sister showing it to Mom.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Aprons

New style of Blue Jean aprons ,made 2 yesterday and sold both today , Have one on order , so going to stay with this style a little longer
This one on bottom has a bow on pocket
Blue Jean apron w/ Christmas fabric

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Koolaid and Carpi Sun Juice Handbags

First Time I made this size , nice.
made 9 of smallest
Med.size w/rope handles
 Large, med.and small, I like the blue Jean handle best of all
This is how I made them in the beginning ,I did not really like the handles out of the juice bags .
I made these to sell in our Community yard sale.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Latest baby Quilt

  Quilt I made for a friends daughter who is expecting a baby girl in Dec.,The shower was yesterday and it turned out really great , she got so many clothes!! and lots of baby stuff!

I know!! Most people do not combind checks with pink and green camo ,but I thought it looked cute ,so I decided to off set it with the plain colors too.

Close up of the  free hand machine quilting, notice how I went all the way out to the edge of the sashing to make it look like a complete square ,if you are a quilter I think you will know what I mean .

Back of quilt is yellow but you can't tell here and the thread is green

This is the third baby quilt i had to make since Sept. < I will have to make 2 more for sure after this one .One for a boy on Nov.10th and another for a girl Nov.24th

Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Decorations at Fall fest and Home

Part of Display at Fall fest we put on at our community this past Sat.
More of the display
This is at home after the Fall Fest too many lights !

My daughter-in-law with 3 of my Grandchildren
Waylon in back , Sarah is the red head, Samantha and Chloe
                                                 The Pumpkins the kids carves last night .
Part of the display before the orange lights

                                             Where I put the Scarecrow display at home.
My husband and I are both officers at Our Community Association and we helped with the Fall fest , I was in charge of the decorating and made the scarecrow from a pair of my husbands old overalls ,flannel shirt and hat.I used a green candy bucket for the head , I stuffed the clothes with newspaper and then put some straw on head and neck We lost the straw on one hand and his feet. ,head fell off sat. night at community center and scared one of the lady helpers  then I jumped every time I went out side and saw him, I left him in the van over night sat, he rode with me to church Sunday morning!  LOL  I took him out after church and set everything up at my front door.
The church wants to use him for our Halloween  and trunk party on the 31st.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekly Contest~Please Vote

 I have entered this handbag in the Quilting Gallery Weekly Contest.
The bag is called Dazzeling Tote Bag and is made it out of Taffada, beaded fabric, netting and cotton appliqued flower and extra beads.The handles are solid beads and cloth.
The back is different and is also in my blog.
I made it a few years ago to use as a Photo Album tote for my trip to Pa. in 2008

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Decorations for Fall Fest

I had fun stuffing this scarecrow! Then every time I went outside I would jump thinking he was a stranger !!

I still need to fix the neckline , I ran out of straw so I need to finish the legs and put more straw on him. 
This is a scarecrow I brought ,and just for the fun of it put all this together.
I was wanting some corn stalks ,but could not find any close by so my grand daughters &  I went looking for this tall grass, to make it look like corn stalks , it is not the same thing but will work, I have lots more to add to the whole display area and i will post those after Saturday.
 I did go to Lowe's this morning and they had the corn stalks for $8.99 !!
Sorry I like mine better, it was free !