Thursday, April 22, 2010

Window Paintings

About the same time I painted my Mom's Mural in her kitchen my sister Tina asked me to paint some windows in her sun room.
So I painted 2 sets of windows ,that has 4 window panes in them ,that means 8 different pictures  .I do not have all 8 pic's on here ,the ones shown are the favorites , Tina painted each window in white ,then I did the rest and loved painting these  .The windows were in front of Gary's Mom's room and a couple yrs ago they had to take them out and redo the wall with shelves for her.So now she has only 2 of these hanging up in her room .She gave one to me and the other is in storage  .
  The one of Flowers I painted for the fun of it and did a crackle finish on the frame .I had it in a yard sale , the pastors wife saw it , she was going to buy it from me, and asked me to hold it for her, but her birthday was the next week ,so I surprised her & gave it to her and she now has it hanging up in her Dinning room .She has done so much for me !
I have alot more windows  to paint ,I plan to get to a couple this year .
I will be showing the other window painting in another post .

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