Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mural on Mom's wall

  These are  close ups of the mural on my Mom's kitchen wall . I started this years ago .I am thinking it has been close to 8 or 9 yrs , can't be sure .I did this to represent Mom's  front Yard, some of the flowers she has never had but dreamed of having them , some are one's she has had but not all at the same time  . The pond is like the one my brother made ,if you can see it there are goldfish in it  .
My neice's Brandy & Jennifer both helped with the real bird houses , the fence is out of large popcicle sticks made & painted by my sister Tina  .
I spent a week on most of it and did more at different times , I still have to add more birds and finish the one's I have started , Mom also wanted a plane in the sky ,really small in the background  .
The last few times I thought I would finish it we had other plans ,like working in the yard or making more quilts  .
Some people who have seen it say they find something they did not see before  .


  1. After reading the post about how the crane came and took the fish out of the pond and ruined the pond lining, I think you should paint him at the edge of the pond!

  2. Now why didn't I think of that !! Thank you Krista ,it is a great idea . I have lots of pictures of sand cranes , I will have to do that next time I go to Mom's .


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