Friday, February 6, 2015

Latest Baby Quilt

A Friend of mine from High School saw some quilts I had posted on my Facebook , I made this quilt for her doing freehand machine quilting with my own design.

  This is the one she saw and thought it was a baby quilt ,when I told her it was a small table top she asked me if I could make a baby quilt like it , I told her yes I could . The lace you see is antique lace over 20  years old , I had it in my stash for at least that long.

This is the boarder, that part was done by machine also, but I used a stencil for that part and added the curly cue's, The lace was sewn down all around it so there was no lose openings for babies tiny fingers. My friend had a choice of pink binding or same color as quilt , she wanted all same color.
I used pastel multi color thread .
This is close up of the finished quilt .The Mother of baby girl loves the quilt!
I plan to make some more, maybe some in colors and something different for boys.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Quilts I made for Christmas Gifts

I had these 4 quilts all started before Christmas but was running out of time, so I had to wrap them and give to them like they are and will finish them soon. I have been so busy last year that I was exhausted after the Holidays so I took it easy for a couple weeks ,Then started getting busy again , ended up having to make a new Baby quilt and do a couple other things. next is replacing some skirts of the cloggers dresses that had faded terrible , hope I can make them look just as good !

 Made this for Sarah , still need to finish the quilting and binding, Sarah's favorite animal is horses
Chloe's is done except binding. Chloe's favorite animal is Giraffe's
 Bradley's needs to be quilted & binding.
 Bradley's favorite thing to do is go fishing!
Waylon's needs the same.
Waylon's Favorite is old car's and trucks