Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yarn Shop at the Arcade

  This is a yarn shop I found today at the Winter Haven Arcade when I went to see Robin Franklin (Pastors wife) where she works ,I could not believe all the beautiful types and colors of the yarn we have now days.
  I took these as we were leaving ,wish I would have gotten more.
The handbag is one her boss Jane Griggs owner of the Lighthouse Christian Bookstore made and she asked me to line it , the necklace was also made by Jane for me .She buys some of her yarn from this store , I failed to get the name of the shop!
  Someday I hope to afford to buy some of this beautiful yarn to make something out of it .I have some idea's running through my head

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Yard Art and Crafts

 Lady Bug painted on a bowling ball , got the ball at a yard sale.
Caterpillar Painted on Tin Cans by Waylon and I.
 Old broken bird bath transformed to planter and bird bath

Found glass bird ,wine glass, bowl  and candle holder at a yard sale all for less than $2.50 !

 I got this huge insulator at a yard sale for $5.00, Mom already had the brown bowl but it was broken so I glued it and added the twine..and the flowers she got at Lowes on sale .
Another candle holder (metal) with a metal candy dish , the beads on the bottom of the bowl is maginet holders .

Wind chime Waylon made
 for me out of a tin can with
black rocks wrapped with
thin wire.

One of Mom's bird house's that needed repairs, we used tree bark for the roof, another wind chime I made from a metal basket and mini garden tools for my sister Tina. 
Mom and I had found a Tin Can wind chime in a Bird's and Bloom book last fall , we were saving our can's all winter to make them (3) ,This is the one I did for myself , we could not find the book to follow the instructions, so I had to do it the way I thought it needed to be done, sat. before we came home I decided to add wooden beads to it to make it sound better .I forgot to take a picture of it .
The glass bird & the wine glass has already come off the bowl and that is because I use a different glue than before, from now on clear silicone !

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More of Mom's Scrappy Quilts

 These are just some of the many scrappy quilts Mom had made before I went up there in Nov. last fall.
I did not get pictures of all , she donates some to the boys club as well as the Childrens Hospital in Gainsville.
I will be going back to see her this weekend, no telling how many more she has ready to go.