Sunday, April 18, 2010

Davenport Quilt Show With Sarah

In this post I will talk about When Sarah , her Mom and I went to the Davenport Quilt's & Tea Quilt Show in Nov. of 2009.
 It started out as a pretty cool day ,When we got there the first thing we saw was the horse & buggy ride .
But first we went to  the community center to see all the beautiful quilts and vendors .then we went to the city hall and firehouse this is Sarah on the old firetruck ,she kept talking about the horse & buggy ride she could not wait to get on it, but we had to wait for them to take a group of seniors to the church where there were more quilts and a place to serve food .
So in the meantime we went to look at the vintage cars ! Lots of those ! I did not get enough pictures ,  we walked around some  ,Sarah was facsinated with the fountian in the middle of the lake .
Finally we get to ride the horse & buggy ,they even provided us with a lacy umberalla ! Sarah loved every min. of it but it ended too soon as we were already at another building with more quilts ,we was going to get back on it but had to wait and we were wanting something to eat, so I noticed we were right next to where I parked so we got in the van, drove to the other side of town to eat and visit the antique stores ! Wow were there alot of old things ,I could have stayed there all day, but unfortantly we had to get back home before the other kids got home from school, it was a great and tiring day for 4 yr old Sarah, I asked her if she would do it agian and she said yes!
 So Plans are in the making to go agian this year  .
I have more pictures of the quilts , some of mine I have already shown in earlier posts , I will show more in another post.

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