Sunday, August 17, 2014

Making Book Markers

A Friend from my church had asked me to be in charge of a craft class for the ECHO Ministries for Foster Children's back to school Bash.This was what I came up with for them to make. Book markers .    
 We used stencils  for most of them some did  free hand art.I asked them to trace the stencils with pencil or pen first ,then color in using markers or crayons .
 After they colored them I punched a hole for the ribbon,then we covered the work with clear packing tape to make it last longer.

We put the ribbon on after the clear tape  
On the backs I told them they could rite  "My Book Marker" then a heart with their name , some just put their name.
Work table , I will also be doing a church class with these Book markers with our church students ,we will be making as many as we can for our Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes ,hope to make 150 of them!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Quilt Tops

 Saw this frog , insect fabric ,I thought it would make a cute baby quilt for a boy. Appliqued a grasshopper going to the boarder

Polar Bears 
Seals & Penquins