Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Window Painting of Barn

I was on Craig's List one day when I saw an ad that a woman wanted a window painting to go into her new home  .I wrote to her and told her I have done several,she was interested in western or country , so  this is what she chose .I had never painted one where the picture continues to the next window pane ,so this was a difficult project but love the results .My sister Tina gave me the window out of her house where they had replaced the old to new , I scraped off the old loose paint on the wood frame, repainted with a green under coat and then used the crackle paint to finish the old look.The woman was very happy with the finished painting.


  1. this is VERY cool! it would be nice to go in a room that doesn't have any windows. Like an office or something. Is it harder to paint on glass?

  2. Krista,I had a re-ply and I lost it !
    Ok I'll try agian.It all depends on what I am painting , if it is flowers and butterflies it is easy . if it is like the barn it is more difficult. The pastors wife has her's in the Dinning room and this lady was doing the same .


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