Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fat Teddy Bear with Honey Jar- in Contest

I have entered this Teddy Bear Quilt in the Quilting Gallery Weekly Contest ! Please vote !!! 

Two Done !

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Samatha's Creation

Today Samantha (daughter-in-law) & Sarah were here all morning , Samantha and her sister Katrina are planning a Halloween party for the kids ,they decided to make most of the games and decorations .
Katrina's husband suggested they make some ghost hanging from the tree.
Eariler this morning Sam ( her nick Name ) & Sarah was helping me look for costume fabric in the very narrow closet that I have my clothes hanging in plus a half a dozen boxes of fabrics and old jeans (for projects) .I threw away some stuff that was no good, got out my Fall decorations & etc. well in the pile of throw aways Sam asked me if she could have the very old not so white sheet , I said sure ! This is her creation , she used newspaper wadded into a ball with a white grocery bag over that and cut out a square piece of the sheet , made the eyes and mouth , then used fishing line to hang it with , I told her to try to advoid the spotty stains , she said they add to it ....haha,. they will be hanging in the trees so she is not worried about stains , Me ,well I try to avoid them .But she did pretty good for someone who is not into crafting like I am .

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Golden Glow

 I don't know if it shows in the picture ,but
I love the golden Glow after a late afternoon rain .God sure can paint a pretty picture , I love the orange colors too, maybe another day.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just a Peek !

This is just a peek because it is for my grand-daughter Kayla who's birthday is just around the corner .It is a small wall hanging she asked for, but she does not need to see this untill Oct.4th. It will be shipped to her monday or tuesday .
I will show the full quilt on her birthday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Day of Fall

This photo was taken in PA. when we went up there in 2008 ,I just love the colors of the leaves when they change .
It is suprising but Florida does have a few tree's that change also ,I just don't have pictures .However at this time it still feels like summer .
Maybe I will get the chance to take some pictures of Florida's fall leaves this year .

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Two Little Artists

I was asked if the girls Chloe & Sarah could stay with me for an hour or 2 last Saturday while Mom & Dad went to town .
Chloe is 8 and Sarah will be 5 in Dec.,I gave them both paper, pencils and watercolor paint ,the first picture is Chloe's ,the second one is Sarah's ,I helped her with the roof ,door and windows she did the rest. The painting part however did not turn out as good ,I should have paid more attention to how they were painting,but I was busy with something else while they painted .

I am amazed that Sarah is drawing so good for her age and I think she will be a follower in Grandma's footsteps as she seems to have more interest in doing art . Chloe is pretty good but I doubt she will stay with it, however I sure hope she does .They have an older brother Bradley who is excelent in creating things and is also an artist .The other brother Waylon is more interesting in taking after Papa and his Dad with machines and machanic work .
 Bradley with his awards

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Look What Came Yesterday !!

Grandmarocketon drew my name in a drawing and I receved this yesterday ! I love the fabric and it would make a beauitful quilt for a family member.Thank you Grandmarockton !
 I love your blog and look at it when ever you post something new ,I also just love the wall hanging with the pumpkin ! It is so cute and the colors are wonderful.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crazy Quilt Tutorial

Step 1.
My cousin had ask for a tutorial on making the crazy quilt block, I started out with a 8  1/2  x 8  1/2 piece of cotton  , the in the center I put a brocade square , it can be any size or shape ,some people like to start with a triangle .
Step 2.
 add another piece of fabric ,like taffada,  satin, lace over satin or silk
Step 3. turn top fabric and finger press, you can use an iron but careful of temp. All iron temps are differen , you want it set
for silks and satin, if you are using all cotton then a cotton setting is fine  .
Step 4.

Friday, September 10, 2010


        Well now ladies I sure did not recheck my past blogs very good ! I was going over them and came across the pictures in a draft and said to myself, I better get this one out and then later on I kept telling myself I thought I had already posted about the heart shape quilt ! And sure enough I found it posted on another date  . You can bet I will be sure to check from now on .
         I am slow about getting my bible covers made as it has been hot plus we had alot of running to do this week, so hopefully I will have some for next week , I also had to buy another camera battery as this one is getting low and I did not want to get started on pictures and then the battery go dead on me .
         I do not like to post without pictures either so I decided to show this one that was taken the last time I was at Mom's, there was a huge Sycamore tree branch that fell during a storm, so Mom propped it up agianst the fence for her son-in-law to haul away and this is what we found the next morning . At first there were about 20 to 25 small birds on it  .They started leaving as I was taking the pictures .

Rexa's Heart Shape Crazy Quilt

Heart Shape crazy Quilt panels were given to Mom ,she has since then added alot of trims, beads, lace and embroidery work with my help.
She patentily waited for Rexa to decide how she wanted it layed out on the quilt and then sewed netting on each heart ,clipped & turned them, then hand stitched them all down on burgany velvet.

This is the layout above

A couple close ups
Here you can see the embossed border ,the same was used on the first family heirloom quilt .Rexa now had the quilt to finish it however she wants and will be adding alot of embellishments .

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

E-mail problems

E-Mail Failure
This has been a constant problem for me since I change providers ,it seems alot of people are not receiving my mail and sometimes me receiving theirs has been a problem too , I am finding out it may be some of our spam blockers and or virus protectors .I have no idea.
Therefore I have added another e-mail address to my information page .
 I have always liked the wmconnect that  I used to have ,we decided on cable internet, so it is taking awhile to get use to the changes .
Hopefully with another e-mail on my blog there will not be any more problems with others not getting mail from me .Thank you ,Cheryl

Monday, September 6, 2010

More Bible Covers

The flowers on both of these panels were drawn and colored with fabric crayons I brought from Michels ,I drew them on taffada then used the iron to set the colors, after that I marked lines with pins 2" apart for the fancy stitching.
I did these on fabric larger than calls for as I did not know the sizes until recently, I have some extra different size bibles to use for a guide that my church let me borrow, so today I will be cutting them to size to finish up.
This one was cone using coloring pencils . Clam shell design.Fancy StitchingLace with invisable thread quilting

Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekly Quilt Contest- Garden from Heaven

This week is Watercolor Quilts.
I named it "Garden From Heaven"
 I was inspired by the book Water Color Impressions by Pat Margaret & Donna Slusser.
When I took this picture  at Mom's .I did not have anyhting to hang it with, so my sister and a friend held it up for me, otherwise it would have looked  more flat. theres alot of 2" sq's in this quilt and took a long time to collect all the different flower fabrics and took a week just to get them in ths order before it was sewn together.
There are not many quilts entered this week , please vote .Thanks Cheryl