Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Boundless Sky Quilt

I started this quilt about 5 yrs ago , I was just playing around with some really bright interesting colors, I cut 2" squares , put them on my small wall board 5'x6', filled it up with those colors , I did not have the proper colors to make it blend in the way I wanted it to ,I went shopping for more fabric ,came across some dark that looked like night time sky and decided I would do it as an outer space quilt ,I then needed to find more fabric , it took me about 6 months to get all the right colors and then I could not find some that I was wishing I had , I never thought about making the colors I wanted , of course at that time I did not have the Fabric Dye I have now  .
Anyway I added the planets ,stars ,coments & gassy looking stars then machine quilted and glued rhinestones all over it for some sparkle . This quilt has been in 3 quilt shows and can fit a full size bed  .I have had it hanging on my wall ,I took it down last Nov . for the Quilts & Tea Quilt Show in Davenport .
I talked about that show in an earlier post .

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