Friday, June 28, 2013

Footies, Head Bands and Flower Clips

For Great Grand daughter

                                             Footies and Hair Clip
I can make these in purple ,pink green and maybe yellow

A friend had asked me about making some open sandles for her grand daughter , so I am trying them out , I will call them Footies 

                                        YoYo Head bands
                                        Flower Head bands
                                           Flower Hair clips

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cloth Art~ Mugs Rugs ~ Watermelon

  I got this idea from my cousin Susan, these were done by ironing cloth onto freezer paper, they used fabric markers and then I found some fabric crayons I have had for a long time , They had lots of fun doing this!
When they got done I ironed them again and then took off the freezer paper , the iron sets the color, then I got some batting and backing ,machine quilted them and added the binding last night. The girls gave theirs to Papa for his Birthday today .He was not sure about using them for mug rugs, so we may hang them all together with ribbon.
Mine , I was just dooling , and copied some drawings off the crayon box. and just added a couple little things to it.
             I did not finish mine yet .Maybe later tonight when it is cooler.

   Afterwards they had some watermelon ! We tried the scoop to see if we could get the ball shape ,we found out you have to go deep and twist really good to get them and so it looked wastefull but they still ate it all!    ( Not the whole watermelon ,only what I cut for them)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Whole Cloth Machine Quilting

                          Mulit Color Thread ~Feathers and strippling

I just noticed this where I need to remove some stitching!

This is a small whole cloth table top I gave my Mom a couple years ago .I really enjoyed doing this one and every time I go back to see Mom I love it even more ,so I know in the near future I really need to make a few more.
. I used the multi color thread on this , I marked for the squares first and then free hand the rest around the squares,I think a crocheted lace boarder would make it look really good .

Friday, June 14, 2013

Quilt For Waylon's Birthday

All these blocks were leftovers from the last basket weave quilt I made , I had donated it to the church but it was given back to me when we stopped making quilts.
I had gone to my Mom's on Waylon's birthday , I brought him a shirt and flip flops  that he wanted, but I felt bad because I did not think it was enough and then leaving on his birthday too.
 So I finished this at mom's, batting and backing was already on, I just had to re lay it out and pin it, then machine quilt it and add the binding.
I gave it to him when I got home, he was flabbergasted and thrilled too.
It is certainly bigger than the last one I made him a few years ago.
He was a happy boy!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Turdor Costume (Spain)

This Costume was made by myself back in the early 70's for our family costume shop.At that time it was called Schoonover's Costume Rentals owned by my Mom and Dad, Chester and Daisy Schoonover.
She started her business at home in a Florida room, then we got so big we needed a bigger place, so they rented a building next to Haven Furniture. We were there for several years and then moved downtown Winter Haven on Central Ave.
 I was the head designer for costumes , This was my first Turdor Costume I ever made and it took me many hours doing the bead work and trim, some was sewn by machine, but most was done by hand. I had made a Spanish Dancer Costume too .we rented this many times! I made a couple more but nothing like this one.
I wish I had a better picture, I will show more costumes here and there, I love making them and had made many hundreds of different costumes , and paper mache' heads too.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mom's Quilt For Her Bed

     Mom made a quilt this spring for her bed and hand quilted in no time , It looks great and matches her room. It was not quite big enough to cover the pillows, so she made a smaller cover for them.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pillow Top Finally Done!

                    I had this pillow top started about 10 years ago/ I was making several for gifts ,this was an extra one that I had set aside ,the flowers are free hand drawn on to satin ,then I used Coloring pencils for the color , however it looked like it was faded some so ,I got out a good set of Artist Color Pencils and re- colored the flowers and leaves , then I notice a small tear in a couple of places , so I got out my emboridery threads and started the french knots in the center of the flowers to help cover the tear, it worked, but then did not look finished, so I did the chain stitch on all the rest ,I will be adding a bumble bee and lady bug to it.
I found some peach color lace at Mom's that would be perfect around it gathered up , but there was not enough ,I am thinking I might have more so I have to get down my big box of lace and see , if not then I will use 3 or 4"plain white or antique white.
 I hope to get this done and add it to my stash of items to sell.

Monday, June 3, 2013

My Little Model for the Day!

 Sarah was in the mood to show off the skirts I made them last Christmas ,this is just one of 4.
This skirt is really too small but she wanted to try it anyway , it was one of several that I have for sale.
This one is her sisters 

                 This is her skirt ,flower is suppose to be pink but it was taken off to wash and then misplaced , this flower is just temporary.The white eyelet ruffle is from old kitchen curtains.