Thursday, October 24, 2013

At Stephen Foster Park~ Quilt Show

I have shown pictures of the quilts the last 2 days , today I am showing pictures of the Park where the Quilt Show was held ,They are open year around and have many events planned here as well as a gift shop and camping grounds.

                                  Tower up close
            Southern Belle display inside the tower.
               Tower from the distance _ I had taken more photo's but they did not turn out good


Museum~ walkway from Auditorium to Museum
 Not sure if this is the front entrance or the back, but from the Auditorium we went in this way.
 Inside the museum there were several piano's all very old .

There were several window units showing how things worked long ago.
 This is a very old chair , I failed to look and see the age , they had straps going a cross it to keep people off it and I was afraid to get too close but this wood carving at the top looks just like George Washington!
  A few more quilts

 The other side of the museum - we came out a side entrance, this is what you see as you drive into the park area, at the main entrance gate you have to pay to get into the show, not sure about campers and etc.
This is another side view from the museum of a water fountain, there was no water in it this time. There are many very old Oak trees that are huge! A beautiful place to visit.

Upcoming Park Events ~    Rural Folklife Days ,see cane grinding, Lye soap, canning, candymaking, blacksmithing and more .Oct 30-Nov.1, 2013

                                          Dulcimer Retreat Nov. 8-9 , 2013

                                          Festival Of Lights
over 5million lights strung all through the park and all over the tower as it plays Carols,  there will be bonfires hot choc,.concerts, shopping, marshmellow roasting and more.
Dec.6,2013 ~ Jan.3rd 2014

 All of these events sure look like fun,however I will not be able to attend because I live in central Fla. and the park is in White Springs,Fl.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

More Quilts~Stephen Foster Quilt Show

 A varity of quilts made by others. ,The ones above are hand quilted.
           This Quilt was made By Mabel West~ She named it a Thousand Memories, but told me there were more than a thousand 1" squares in it and one button.  I never did find the button.
Some of them were in the Tower, I did not get many pictures from there.
                       The 3rd quilt in this picture is beautiful!
Mom looking at the detail
 This couple was looking and talking about my 2 quilts .wish I could have heard what they said .
 Mom looking for hand quilting.

This picture is kind of fuzzy but the quilt was excellent ! I loved the pattern used to make this.
I loved this one, good piecing and machine quilting, loved the boarder too.
Redwork and extra's from the museum.

           A beautiful Christmas Quilt with dogs, bones and paw prints .

   This lady has always made some excellent appliqued quilts and all done by hand !

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stephen Foster Quilt Show -25 Years

I entered 5 Quilts in the show this year . 
It has been a few years since I was there last ,
 I had to have them  in Live Oak at the Library by the 11th,
so I left here to go to Mom's on the 10th .
It cost $3.00 per quilt this time and $5.00 per person to go to the show . 
Mom and I were really surprised about that, but it was well worth it ,
 I got 3rd place on my Volcano Quilt called Mighty Eruption.

The Mighty Eruption

   Whirlwind of color another one almost like my first quilt ,only this one was machine quilted .

        Flowers From Heaven made at Mom's with her help.
        Rusty Shabby Chic this one was made from rusty items ,I posted about this after I made it .
     And this little one called Misty Roses- the first one , the last one is beautiful, looked like lots of hand sewing !
     Later I will show more quilts by others .and then the new Christmas things we made while waiting from the 11 to the 18th for the show . The show lasted until the 20th but we only went on the 18th, then on Sunday I had to pick them up.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Hint ~ Something Different

 Last week I was looking on Pinterest ,trying to get an idea for a new quilt, hoping to find something pretty simple to put in the quilt show for this month.
 I found several good ideas, I was looking at lots of  Zentangle Art, decided to try that and just use the fancy stitch designs from my machine , I spent a long time last Friday working on it .I worked on it some more today .
I do not think I will have it done in time for the show, but it is ok, as I have other quilts to enter too. So I will have to measure, name the quilt and fill out paper work before wed.night as I will be on my way to Mom's Thursday . the quilts have to be there by the 11th.
 If I get all my running and paper work done, maybe I can get it done by Friday morning before 9 AM .
Wish me luck ! Thank you !