Friday, April 9, 2010


These Gourds were made at different times , the bowl with the small gourds is one I made for Aunt Kathy when we went to Wellsboro ,Pa . in 2008. The gourd itself was one that grew in Mom's neighbors yard ,they were extra large, I also made one for mom , The small bowl that looks like leaves I made for Aunt kathy while I was in Pa. I think Krista has it now , the bird houses, most of those were made last year . I have made quite a few all different colors and styles  .
I still have some gourds that my Aunt gave me and they are odd shaped and I cannot decide how I want to do those yet .I will be showing more as I make them.


  1. Yes I have the small leaf bowl. I have since put some clear poly-coat on it. and it sits on my winerack/craft rack it doesn't hold anything yet. but that rack is a work in progress

  2. I treasure the gourd birdhouse that you made for me...what a work of art! It's much too nice to put outside, so it has a special spot on my sun porch.

  3. Krista, I am so glad you put a clear coat on the bowl , it makes it so much nicer when they shine and lastes longer too .
    Susan, I always thought some were too pretty for outside too ,but Mom needed some for the birds so thats what we did last yr.She has lots of birds !


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