Friday, March 26, 2010

Just a Note

There is no picture this time as I am heading back to Mom's for a week with my 8yr .old Grand-daughter.Her birthday is the 31st. So that is part of her gift plus going to get the Doll house from her Uncle Gary , I will not be able to post everyday but I will whenever I can from Tina's .
We will more than likely head home next fri. or sat . as I just realized that next sunday is Easter !!

Table Tops

The last time I went to Mom's I did not take alot of sewing to do , I decided to make a few table tops,I have always wanted to make a black,  red & white quilt .So I made these to see if I like the pattern . I may make a large quilt like this later on. then I made some to represent fruits and veg . I really like the pattern , Mom brought the pattern from the Last Stephen Foster Quilt Show .I still have to finish the quilts with binding and then I will use them as gifts for Christmas this year.The bindings on all these will be a darker color  .I also made 2 place mats to go with the red , black &white.

Taffada Pillow

I made some taffada pillows for my grandchildren as christmas gifts and had alot of scraps leftover, so I decided to sew small strips together , I was just playing with it and came up with this ,I cut them in 4 1/2 " squares ,added a 3 1/2 "border .It is now sitting in Mom's living room on her sofa  .

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Victoria Falls Quilt

This Quilt was really fun to do , I started on this right after I made the UnderWater Wonders Quilt ,In fact I had made 2 of these one was for my nephew and the other one I have hanging on my wall right beside me.I got the idea from my nephew Jason , he was in africa a few years ago and took lots of pictures of the Victoria Falls ,I told him I wanted to use one of the pictures to go by for a quilt and this is how it turned out .Hunting for the right fabric meant going from shop to shop ,some I had in my stash .This also was entered in the Quilt shows .

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free Motion With New Janome 6500

The Quilted Table Top above is a sample I made and quilted with my new Janome Sewing machine .I liked it so well I gave it as a gift at Christmas time .
This Christmas Table Top is one my mom made for her table and she asked me to machine quilt it ,however this one was done on the old singer machine .
I made several silk and satin pillows with  different free motion designs I drew myself for Christmas gifts last year , unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of those , I just love using the new machine , I had discovered that the tension on the free motion sewing was off ,so I had mentioned it to the quilt shop owner where I brought the machine , she told me I needed a special bobbin case !!! Wow ,who knew ! So I ended up buying that and I love it !
 I have not used the new machine very much but I plan to get started again soon . I still cannot believe I got the machine at a great discount !

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Planting Time - Spring Is Here!

The first flower to Bloom this year !Black Eyed Susan !

Monday, March 22, 2010

Under Water Wonders Quilt

        I made this quilt after Jane gave me a book on landscaping Quilts by Nancy and Natiale (Sewing With Nancy ).I brought the fabric at Walmart.Some fabric I have had for years and others I brought at HeartFelt or Suwannee Quilt Shop ,I use the Wonder Under ,cut out and applicaded all the pieces ,ironed them on, then  did Free Motion Sewing with the Phaff machine I had . First I used the invisable thread ,then after adding quilt top to batting and backing I continued with muilti color thread in free motion .
        I made this at Mom's using her quilt board ,I also used the paper glue to put the fish & etc onto it before the sewing , I learned a lesson ,use a thin layer of cotton before making the scene ! I did most of the machine quilting at Mom's also ,what I did not get done there I finished at home  .Then I glued different size pearls all over to represent the bubbles  . I also had some really flimsy shiny fabric that looked like seaweed .
          I entered the Quilt in the Stephen Foster Quilt Show , I did not get a ribbon , the judge seemed top think I over quilted it . I also had it showing in Davenport Quilts & Tea Show in Nov. Then agian in the Blooming Arts show in Bartow , Florida

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beach Theme Quilt In Weekly Contest-Please Vote !

Please Vote ,Thank you !

This quilt is called "Ocean Sea Breeze"
It's voting time for this week's gorgeous Beach and Sea Quilts. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and check out this week's beauties.
Last day to vote is Sunday at Midnight 

I made 2 beach Quilts ,one was for Tammy and the other for Heather .both are the same and were applicaded with wonder under then cut out and ironed on . I did not have sky fabric so I painted it the colors I wanted onto muslim with Jacquard Textile Fabric paints.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Blog and Header

Wow ! Its been almost 2 days since I posted anything . I do not have any picture for this one as I really need to compliment my cousin Susan for all the help she has done to get me started with this Blog .
It took us a few days ,she told me basicaly what I needed to do , I had a pretty good idea what I wanted , first I was wanting the mural on the header and then maybe a couple quilts scattered around it , we found out that would not work so I took some pictures of my sewing and art supplies and and she took some of the pictures I had already posted on the blog , Susan designed the header for me and I love it , She did  an excellent job !! Then she added all the extra's for me too . If I had done it myself it would not look this good ,I am proud of her and thank her with all my heart ,Thank you Cousin Sue !

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mural of K-Ville Assembly Church in Florida

This is some close up pictures of the mural I have posted on the header .I better start at the beginning , I met Robin Franklin , Pastors wife of K-Ville Assembly of God ,at our community yard sale in 2004 we were all selling crafts as well as yard sale items , at the time I had some of my gourds for sale and Robin was talking about them and admiring the paint work ,when I told her I painted them, she wanted to see more of my work, so I showed her my collection of photos on murals ,gourds and just paintings , She then told me about the church mural they had was needing a touch up job and wanted to know if I was interested .
I told her yes I was that we could get together and talk it over with her husband Britt Franklin ,so I started the job the first part of March after going for the paint and etc. I used outside latex acrylic paints from Lowes ,started out having to have the wall cleaned off first with  a pressure washer .
 My husband Royce and the pastor helped to set up a scaffolding for me to stand on . The first few days it was pretty windy and cool, but I knew I needed to get as much done as I could because of the sun moving back north .
It took me the better part of March to get it done ,of course I did not work on it everyday ,but I really had fun doing this!
If you will note on the close up of the oak tree on the top left there are real lilies and painted lilies ,and they happen to be blooming while I was painting ,amazing !

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grandson's Outer Space Room

The same week I painted the girls room I painted the boys room too, with my daughters help we painted the wall this deep blue ,as I started painting the planets I told DeeDee that it sure isn't going to look right with a white ceiling , so we went back to Home Depot and got some more blue paint ,of course the ceiling was a popcorn ceiling !
So after struggling to get it painted I was able to finish on the planets ,Sun ,gassy stars ,comets and the space shuttle .
The hardest part was making clouds and stars on the ceiling with a few comets .I had to use a sponge to get the cloudy look ,one  even looks like the milky way . We also purchased the glow in the dark stars, but we had to use the new liquid nails to get them to stay .
Then a surprise when I painted the window the same shade of blue ! I was painting a comet and accidently scratched the paint , pesto ! Magic stars !
The light from out side made it look so real .
 I was afraid it would be too dark, but not for them ,the boys loved it !

Friday, March 12, 2010

Schoonover's Heirloom Quilt

I got the idea of making this crazy quilt one day while we were all sitting in Mom's living room looking at her quilt books .I fell in love with some of the designs we saw in the books .I dreamed of us having a heirloom qiult ,so Mom Rexa and I all started to make the blocks  , we decided to add some lace & trims ,then we divided them up , we each took them home ,Mom & I did quite a few ,for about a year they were all put aside because we were waiting for Rexa and Tina to do some of the embroidery work , they both worked, but they did manage to do a little bit ,then Mom & I decided we will just go ahead and finish the quilt ,if I am not mistaken seems like Brandy, Jennifer & Samantha might have embroidered a couple .
Then we started putting the blocks together onto the black velvet, it was very compilcated because of the velvet being so flimsy compared to the heavy blocks ,we had to baste most of it, then added the boarder the same way  which was a embossed fabric.
The best part of it was adding family heirlooms , like buttons ,old jewerly , pins labels & etc .We have it so some of the blocks represents a family member.On some of them we added craft buttons like chickens, cows, barn & etc for Grandpa Goodwin ,Ameriacn Legion -train buttons for Daddy.Tea pot & cup,nurse hat ,flowers & etc for Grandma Schoonover.We left some of it blank for others to add to on down the road  .
 We entered the quilt in the Quilt Show at Stephen Foster Quilt Show and recieved a blue Ribbon - 1 st place for that and the show was named for crazy quilts,so we had it finished in time  . I took it home with me to enter in the Davenport Quilts & Tea Show ,I could not believe all the compilments !
The Quilt is right now at Mom's house on a quilt rack  .I was hoping she would put it on the sofa, but she is afraid it will get messed up .

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My First Hand Quilted Quilt

This is the first Basket Weave Quilt I made and  quilted by hand in 2004.When I could not finish the Grandmothers Irish Quilt, this is the one I did next , The pattern came from a Quilt book by Marti Michell , it is a queen size quilt . I made the quilt at Mom's then we put it on her quilt rack and started hand quilting it , I started out with a large heart in the middle with some smaller hearts inside it ,then from there I made wave like lines to the boarder .On the boarder I made smaller hearts overlapping each other all the way around , I think it took about 8 months to make and quilt, however I did not work on it everyday , what I could not do at Mom's I did at home on a smaller oval quilt rack and I have to say it was a difficult process and it took me awhile to use such a small needle and yes my fingers and hands were hurting !
Then in October of that same year I entered the quilt in the Quilt Show at Stephen Foster Quilt Show . I wanted to keep my first quilt as most people do , I asked if I put $500.00 on it will that keep anyone from buying it and everyone I talked to said they did not think anyone could pay  that much  ,Well the first day I went to see the show I got the surprise of my life I had a Blue ribbon ! 1st place !! Then the next day a friend came up to me and said you better get over there to your quilt  . I had a buyer ! I was thrilled but at the same time sad . I really wanted to keep it , I had several people telling me I could have gotten a lot more for it .
 I think the one thing that really impressed the buyer was that I told them on paper that while I was hand quilting the quilt I had written a song to go with the name of the quilt which I named it "Bursting With Love "and that I was encouraged to start quilting by my Mom Daisy Schoonover and her quilt teacher Jane Gaunchy, if it had not been for them I never would have done this one .

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Buses and School Houses

This is a small Wall hanging I did for my sister and daughter , they both work with the schools and the buses  .My sister is now in the office and has one of them behind her desk.
My Daughter has had some for a raffle or 2 and I have made several different ones to sell .
I had so much fun making all of them , some were easy ,some a little bit harder .I had to make some of the buses and school houses myself , everything was ironed onto wonder under and then cut out , ironed on to the back ground and then machine stitched  . There must have been at least 5 different designs ,of course there was no 2 just alike , I also made some for the bus Rodeo and made the buses look like a bull and those were really cute  . I don't think I have a picture of that stored ,but I will try to find one and post it  . In the meantime here is another one  .

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Found !

Finally ! This is the Grandmother's Irish Quilt I tried so hard to up-load !This time I was making sure it was completly up-loaded before clicking anything else .I am learning  .
If you will notice the quilt is folded over at the top so it is longer than I thought and that is because I wanted to allow for a pillow fold over on the bed .
 This picture was taken at the Quilt Show at Stephen Foster Quilt Show a couple of years ago .

Monday, March 8, 2010

Grand-daughters Mural Part 2

Ok I posted this one separately because I already lost 2 pictures trying to post a blog .So this is on another wall for Cheyenne ,I love to paint butterflies and flowers . there are more scattered around on the wall, but with birds too .In all it took me about 2 1/2 days ,of course their mother Deanna and the girls painted the pink & blue on the walls for me before I started the mural .
It was lots of fun to do .I painted a mural in the boys room too but I will post that one another day .

Grand-daughters mural

This is part of a mural I painted for my grand-daughters room 3 or 4 years ago ,this was really a challage because the 2 girls shared a room , I asked them what would they like painted on their walls ,the oldest one Heather wanted Dolfin's and the younger one Cheyenne wanted flowers, birds and butterflies !
Wow ! I wonder how I should do this ,then got to thinking I will start with the ocean with the Dolfins and have it go onto land with rocks trees and etc then further around the room I started the flowers with birds & butterflies  .So when we started out we painted the room half blue and half pink !
  I painted the ocean with the waves and part of the land all in one afternoon ,I painted the dolfins last as well as the flowers birds and butterflies ,these were all done on another day.I like to leave all the detail work for last .

Friday, March 5, 2010

Grandmothers Irish Quilt

This is the very first quilt I made and was going to put it in the quilt show several years ago ,but I ran out of fabric before I could finish it ,so I put this one aside and made a basket Weave , I will show that one another time .
This one was really not that hard after I brought some more fabric I finally finished it a year later ,it was 112 x 97 ,I machine quilted it on my old singer machine .I was wanting to keep it for myself because of the pink sweet peas in the print . However the following year I made each of my grandchildren all a quilt ,I still needed one more for my oldest grand daughter but I did not have enough time so I gave her this one for her hope chest .
She loved the quilt and had put it away until this year her mother finally took it out for her to use when she came back from Indiana for a visit with her first child .Some day I plan to make another one like this but different colors .