Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chicken Coop Painting

One day Mom & I were out walking around her property ,at the time she had an old feed shed out back ,I found the chicken coop door and feeder in that shed ,I had an idea as soon as I saw them . So I took them up to the back porch and told her I wanted to paint a picture but did not have anything to paint on  ,she asked what I needed ......I said  anything that will be weather proof that I can put behind the door. Mom found a plastic tablecloth that she did not want ,  I cut the correct size and painted the rooster on it, mounted the painting on the back .Then painted a hen with chicks on the feeder .They are now hanging up on Mom's back porch.
A few months later when a rooster died she saved the tail feathers for me , I put those in the painting ,then found this drift wood she had and put that on top of the frame .
Mom used to have alot of chickens & roosters but gave them up as the cost of feed was getting to be too much for her to handle  .

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  1. the feathers are a great touch! when i saw the picture I was wondering how you got feathers that look just right for the breed of chickens you painted! having one die would explain it!


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