Thursday, February 28, 2013

Church - Handkerchief Doll

               Its been a long time ago that I used to make these a lot !
               I just made this today as I am wanting to make more items for our Christmas Shoe boxes  for children all over the world.
               I knew I had some left over that were not complete, I finally found them after looking in every tub I had in site , I knew they were not far, as I had seen them last week.
So I made this sample to show the ladies at church. see if  I should go ahead and make a few.
               I have made so many different types of dolls I wish I could have taken pictures of them all ,I do have some but will have to scan them on to the computer ,I don't think I took any of the Dream Dolls I used to make. I wish they still made the plastic body and head but have not seen any in years .
               Anyway the church dolls is very light weight and it helps to keep little ones quite in church or for a little girl that may be sad or  lonely. I need to come up with one for boys too. However that pattern may be more difficult.This doll is just the head with a square cloth wrapped around her head and sewn down at places then ribbon to help make the hands and arms.The hair is yarn that I wrapped around a special rod, after wetting the yarn a little and heated it in oven to make the curls tight, I'd leave the yarn on until it cooled the cut to length desired. Face on doll is hand painted . If I do make more I will have to paint more as I only had like 4 finished faces  .

Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Table Top From Mom

Mom had made this last summer , I made a comment about how pretty it was so she gave it to me for Christmas , I love the pattern and the colors.
I am using it on the trunk I have in the Living room and have a plant on top of it .Looks pretty good .

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Need Name for my Fish

Last week my DIL gave me this fish, I was surprised ! I guess she decide to get it for me because they have a huge salt water tank and I said something about how I used to have a fresh water tank when the girls and Kevin we little, I won a gold fish from the Citrus Festival, the gold fish had gotten pretty big , I don't remember if I had a name for him, but I sure do miss having him.
This is a female Betta ,,right now she is in a small fish bowl, later on I would like to put her in a bigger tank with other fish , but I need to investigate what kind of fish she can be with, so they do not bother her tail.
I am trying to think of a good name too, but I am stumped .
Her tail is a mix of blue ,purple and white.
 Any suggestions ?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Window Painting

This is another window I painted long time ago .Just recently we had to replace our bathroom sink and so I decided to repaint the bathroom a lighter shade of blue and then I am going to paint an Ocean Scenery on on wall and use this to go by for one section of the wall , I am also going to use sea shells and ocean decor for the rest.
Waiting to get the paint and prepare the walls as I have some wall paper boarder to remove first.
So I will be working on that in between making quilts.
I am not using the tree on my wall, just the ocean and even that will not look just like the window painting.
I will post pictures when I am done ,May take awhile as I stay busy with so many different things .

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blueberry Cobbler and Fabric Dye

    Saturday morning when we got up, I was not sure what to fix for breakfast and wanted to make something different, I remembered had a bag of frozen Blueberries in the freezer. So I thawed out enough to make some Blueberry Pancakes, my husband and Grandson loved them, but I still had a good sized bowl full of berries left, so while all the rest was thawing out I saw how dark the juice was from the berries and decided to try my hand at dying some muslin, I found 2 small pieces, put them in the bowl of juice while the berries were thawing in a strainer and a large bowl, that's where the fabric was soaking, then I hung them out to drip dry.
So then after all the berries were thawed out I decided to make a Blueberry Cobble,. turned out pretty good ,it called for 3 cups of fresh,  I guess since these were frozen it made them smaller, I think there are too many berries but my husband doesn't seem to mind .

I was surprised that the color stayed in so good , I then ironed them to keep the color , maybe I better rinse them again just to be sure the color stays.

My next food dye will be beet juice , I have already tried Onion juice and tea bags .they both turned out good also.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Pattern Name?

I posted this several months ago that Mom had this in her closet for years and that her Aunt or Grandma made the blocks many years ago ,well I put it together for her and she did the hand quilting ,
I was showing this quilt plus many more to my friend Robin & her  Mother who was visiting from Virginia a couple weeks ago, She asked me the name of the pattern and I did not know what to tell her , it is sort of like a bear claw, but does not seem to have enough points for that, Does anyone else know what it might be , the blocks had to have been sewn in the early-late 40's .

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine Craft Class at Church

We had a craft class for the first time this year , making valentine's again but different , Someone gave us lots of valentine paper plates and sticky cutouts . So we did this last night , I had planned for 16 children but the others were sick .

These 8 had a great time making them , our next class we hope to do a spring time theme, maybe bird houses. 
 I love to make crafts and so do the children!  
So hopefully we can keep doing this at the church and have more children next time.
 I had also given each a bag of candy and a card.
They were a thrilled !!

Sunday, February 3, 2013