Monday, August 29, 2011

Craft Day

I had this board for a long time , I used to do wood burning art , and this is just an extra one that did not have anything on it except around  the edges ,  since Giraffe's are Chloe's favorite animal ...Samantha my DIL saw the giraffes in a book ,cut it out ,glued it to the board and  used pieces of tree bark and limbs ,along with tiny rocks ,also tree bark from a Crepe Myrtle Tree. ( the one curled up ) Chloe loved it .

These are some home made candle holders ,jar is marshmellow cream jar and the tins are from tuna and vienna sausage can's , we use the ting rocks and shells, and also the half marbles on glass with rocks in between , very simple to do. I love the biggest one lit up !
These crafts were done over the summer , I have lots to catch up on.... .hopefully I will be posting more often now.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Going Away to College

This is Miss Heather from my church who  is leaving for Flager College soon .
We had a going away party for her after Sunday evening service.

I decided to give her some crocheted scrunchies and  a roll of quarters , this was part of a list of items she needed , I was running out of time and did not want to go to town to get a gift bag. I was out ! 
 So I decided to just make a bag really quik .I used a fat quarter cut it about 7 by 14 with batting and black backing and made 2 handles sewed them into the top before turning ,machine quilted it ,sewed  up the sides and bottom and then made a nip on the corners for a rectangled look .
Hopefully she will find something else to keep in it at college.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Quilt Contest - Flowers -Please vote !

This is my Splendar Quilt  entered in the Quilts and Tea Quilt Show last year in Davernport, I got a honorable mention for that .I got the pattern from a book called Dazzeling Quilts .

If you click on the picture you will see that it is heavily beaded and with all different kinds of beads and stones , some came from old jewelry some from new and lots of new style beads .I did not want any two flowers to be the same .
This is the link to go vote , we can vote to up to 6 this time ,mine is Splendar Quilt... but please vote for your favorites as there are so many beautiful quilts ,remember vote up to 6 !

Thursday, August 18, 2011


 I had a huge bag of fabric's given to me by a friends mother from church.
I am not sure how I want to used this fabric, a few years ago I would normaly use it for a poineer costume,so now either a scrapy quilt to look old, ruffled skirts for the girls to wear to church  or what ever ....any ideas ?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New fat Quarters

I found these new fat quartes at walmart !
            I really love this one , wish they had a bolt of it !
           Now to find some of the other colors to blend in with it ,sure would make a nice quilt or hand bag.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yard Sale Find !

Remember these highchairs where there are steps that fold up under the seat .
I remember Grandma Schoonover having one.... us kids loved it .
I found it at a yard sale last weekend ,they were asking $15. for it I got it for $10.     
This tall book case was only $2.00! 
The butterflies $1.00 each.

I will be cleaning up the chair and repainting it ,maybe cover the seat with cloth.,I want it to look vintage and I will show it again when it is done.
The book case I need in my room for more books and etc, sewing stuff of course !
The butterflies I plan to repaint like the ones I did for my friend Tracey and then hang them out front with my flowers .

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Little Helper

Sarah happened to come over after playing outside wanting to help me ,so I told her what color square to hand me. 

 She was doing pretty good ,then asked me this ... Grandma will you teach me to Sew!
I told her I would love to teach her but we needed a smaller machine for her . she said ok 
So she keeps helping me ,I had to tell her to keep her hands back ,then the next thing I know while I am sewing..... the machine is going RRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! I was trying to stop it and then realized she had her foot on the peddel too!!!
She is a very determind little girl and is wanting to learn right now !

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Table Top for a New Bride !

Table Top I made this week for Ms.Jamee Franklin who will be getting married soon.
The colors I picked after she told me what her style was .

Started out with this design .
                                          Ended up with this
Back of it is like a milk chocolate color or rather her favorite coffee!
Machine quilted with hearts .
Machine Quilting Hearts to go with her future married name of Love !


I think she likes it !