Monday, August 31, 2015

Quilts and Pencil Bags

We are making a bunch of small quilts for little boys and girls I have 5 done 3 more little girls ,and 2 more UFO's,and a baby quilt to finish.
A friend of mine asked me what did UFO's stand for where quilts are concerned ,I told her they wer unfinished quilts......she said and I thought about it before, why don't we say UFQ's
I think that's how I will name them from now on ,makes sense too.

Here in our section of Florida the kids started school the 24th of August, I was wanting the children at church class to make pencil bags out of paper towel tubes and printed duck tape with zippers , we made a sample and said it was just too hard for the kids to make in 45 min's, so we made the bracelets that I posted before this one and then I found all of the Carpi Sun and Koolaide juice bags and made pencils bags from those ,it took 4 bags and a zipper , I made them in no time ,I had 20 made for the church group plus my grandchildren and friends. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Church Craft Class- Bracelets

 My church is very active with filling shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child where they are shipped all over the world at Christmas time. My Craft class made these bracelets .
I cut and glued oxygen hoses together ,then had all the strips of cloth cut for them .

 All the children wrapped as many as they could and took one home with them , ,they had so much fun !
 They made 125 plus the ones they took home.
One of the teenage girls wanted to make them a special snack , this is what she did ,they loved them
There is Rainbow Twizzler's with animal crackers and marshmellow's  plus a verse : Genesis 9 :13

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

4 UFO"s,4 New Ready to Quilt, 2 New tops Sewn Up

 2 on top are UFO's the green and gold is a new quilt already to cut for binding
Top 3 are new ready to machine quilt ,bottom 2  are UFO's 
 This picture shows 2 more tops ready to sew up, the red handkerchief fabric is a strip I have for some bracelets to make with my craft class for next week. The wide yellow is boarder for the rainbow colored fabric contrasting block is red and black, The green and red lady bug and contrasting red and black has the red and black boarder with a 1" yellow sashing.
 I got these 2 tops all sewn up today plus a baby quilt that I have not taken a picture of yet.
I had also cut binding strips for all the quilts. Hope to get more sewing done wed. and thurs. I still need to add batting & backing to the 3 new tops plus 1 UFO.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

For Boarders, Sashing ,Strips, Blocks ?

 A friend of mine from church gave me thees 2 rolls of fabric, the plaid is 5" wide , the flowers 4" wide , they are perfect for boarder's , but what I am wondering is why there is so much of it in one roll and it's purpose, I am cutting them for a quilt top however the checked is bigger, so I have to waste 1 inch ,I could save it for rugs that Mom crochets ,I am just wondering if anyone has any other ideas , there is a lot!
Thank you for any hints ,suggestions and etc.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sharpie Painting on Cloth

The top picture shows 6 different blocks that we want to add batting and backing to and then machine quilt them into something , we have not decided yet what to make ,
We used sharpie markers for fabric and used sencils to make them with.

This is one the girls mother drew for my son , Samantha used a picture of a fish to trace, then did her own free hand drawing of the landscape ,
She asked me to make a bible cover with it and Camo , I forgot to take a picture of tha,t but I will soon.