Monday, May 30, 2011

Grandma Ely's Quilt Pattern Renewed

When I went to Mom's this last time I had the pattern
 all cut, ready to Sew. If you remember I had posted about the picture below of my daughter and nephew on a blue & white quilt made by my Great Grandma Ely.

The center 

Sides-4 of these

I could only make 3 as I ran out of the white, it is ok as it was really just a sample ,however I was hoping to get 4 so I could go ahead and give Mom a lap quilt of it for her own memory of Grandma Ely, maybe I can find some more at Hancock's Fabrics
I laid the 3 blocks out both ways to show how it would look as a bigger quilt . 
I have made the pattern, so I will try for a new quilt someday soon.Maybe a red & white ,do I dare !!?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Remember This - It is made

This fabric was a gift from another blogger when I entered a contest to follow her ,I can't remember what the contest was about but Grandma Rockten said I won that week,she said I could make it like the pattern or how ever way I wanted , I chose to just sew all the blocks together .

I had the blocks sashing and boarder all together when I got to Mom's and then I decided to do the X's in the squares and then I used 2 different sencils of Mom's for the sashing and boarder.

I was not really happy with just the way it was , I wanted it to look more unquine,I asked Mom what she thought about crocheting a dark color lace trim for it to match the dark brown , we found some patterns and I attemped to crochet one with the very small crochet hook , 
I decided that was going to be too much and take forever for me to make, so when I was digging in one of my tubs of trims for the crazy quilts, I found this ivory lace that we had when we had the costume shop, there was yards of it left over and I said this would be perfect!! 

I love this ! I just have to hand sew it on and then it will be a nice throw for my bed .

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Handmade Baby Gifts

My cousin Krista is due in June ,she is having a boy and his name is Matt, Mom had started the panels for a quilt months ago .

There are 12 panels each one is different and hand emboridered

Some close ups

Mom had sent me a letter back in Jan or Feb, asking me to make a teddy bear like I made for all the grand kids in our family ,she said she has the Winnie The Pooh fabric and did I still have some from another quilt .I told her I did and so when I arrived at Mom's this last time I made the Teddy Bear from her's and my Winnie The Pooh fabrics plus some others , the blue checks is in the quilt .
Close up of face

The back

There is a story about the bear , when my sisters & I started having grandchildren I came up with this idea of making each pattern piece a different color ,but the first ones were rabbits, not a bear , We had noticed that the babies seem to really love the bright colors and would look at it for a long time ,it seemed to be soothing to them . I also made and sold lots to friends and relatives. 
After I got done with the Bear we wanted to get it shipped right away, but had to wait on a box and then Mom did not have enough wrapping paper either, so I used this checked fabric she had left from the quilt  for wrapping the quilt in , thank goodness Mom had lots of ribbon on hand, so I made the bow too.

                     She let me have what tissue paper she had for the bear and I also used more cloth ribbon for this one.

Krista received the package this week and said she loves both and said Winnie the Pooh was her favorite!
Krista also decided that Mom's quilt would be the one to go to the hospital with her to bring Matt home in.Hope it is not too hot in PA for it when he is born.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Some Of Mom's Spring Flowers

Lovely Pink Roses 
Very thorny white roses 


Petunia's and Clolus
Same white rose  ...bush is huge
                                              White Hydranga bush

                                                New Mums

          Mom brought several new Mums to fill in this flower bed

                                                   New Impatinets


Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Yard Art for the Garden

Mom had 2 of these kitchen globes in her cupboard that had been there since she moved there .
We saw a clipping somewhere about using old bowling balls for outside globes (yard art).
So we went to the Family Dollar store and brought some half stones, 2 bags of one color was not enough so we ended up going after more .

This blue one is mine , I could not find anymore blue so I got the white and some gold, and decided to add flowers after Tina made the suggestion.
I used 100% clear silicone sealer .worked pretty good ,I just had to go slow so it would stay.
Then I was not sure if we wanted to grout them or not , Mom said try it , so we got some. I thought it was already mixed, but it was in powder form, had to mix it, I was afraid to at first because of the powder, so being really careful using glasses, gloves ,I mixed it .
This is how it looked grouted and I did not like it, but I think Mom does. 
Ran out of the blue again , 
found out Tina had some at her house so she gave me what she had .
                            I put gold around the bottom rim, then finished it here at home today.