Saturday, April 27, 2013

Finally Done !!!

 This is the quilt I made from the fabric I won a couple years ago, I put the lace trim on it last summer and did not finish it until this week.
 I love how this lace matches the fabric so well and it makes it look so anitque.
 I gave the quilt to this wonderful lady Robin Franklin for her birthday, she has always enjoyed looking at my quilts and has been a great friend, she has done so much for me that I wanted to give her something special and I felt like she deserved this. I know it will get some use from her.
I can see her wrapped up in this with a good book. I cannot express how wonderful and kind this christian woman is, as she is just that.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Flowers ~~ New & Old~~

 The new Cala Lilies my daughter DeeDee gave to me for Easter , they start out a dark color, then turn pink to white, they are growing tall and it has many blooms .I love it !!
 The Dyed Pom Poms from Kevin and Sam ,they lasted a long time ,I have them in a book press ,hope they stay Blue !
Begonia  given  to me by Robin when we went to the Light For The Lost Banquet.

 A Spider Plant in an old coffee maker that did not have all the parts to it .
My Pink~Lavendar Trumpit Vine
A cutting from the Begonia Family, I am trying to root, the flowers get huge. 
My first red rose for this year.

Wild Daisies that Chloe picked for me
Then she picked this Hibiscut

                 Orange Tiger Lily
Can't remember this ,had for years 
My Staghorn is getting huge!
 Mixer of new flowers

These came back!
Crown of Thorns plant  started really small  ,it is 3 feet tall now.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Gifts From Friends

 This knitted scarf was made by Robin Franklin ,it was given to me for my birthday in March.It can be worn 3 or 4 different ways. Robin had just started learning to knit last year ,she did an excellent job on this! She has also made the long next scarves and little girl handbags.
This neck scarf was made by Tina Seymore ,I made a comment about the colors and she gave it to me, I was very surprised, she makes a lot of them, plus many others things like hats, booties, socks, sweaters and afaghans.
 Both of these wonderful ladies are members of the church I go to.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tulle Skirts

                     When I made this plain white skirt I wanted to brighten it up, so I use 5 different colors of ribbon ,this is for 6-18 months. I made these to sell at our craft yard sale we are having in May at our Community craft and Yard sale.

A Red skirt -looks better with the white ribbon and flowers

                          This one is pink but looks red

This skirt is for an older girl from 4 and up and is made with a fine tulle and chiffon like fabric.
I have plans to make more in blues, purple, maybe green, yellow and more white.
 More different sizes.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Jones and Williams Family Crest

 My  niece came to me last fall asking if I could make a quilt Like this picture without the name , I told her I could try .
 In Jan. of this year we went to Joanne's fabric's and brought the fabric and batting, The red is heavy velour upholstery ,the black is light weight velour, the white is almost fur like and the boarder is a heavy Brocade.
I first had to make a pattern,so I used freezer paper for the shield and the tree, then I cut out the stripes and the tree and  did machine embroidery stitching all around the tree and the red stripes
I then added different size pearl beads to make it look like the leaves.

I was not sure if I should have machine quilted on the red ,so I left it and let her decide, she liked it without , so I only machine quilted the boarder. They all loved the quilt -wall hanging.
Hope to make more like this and others .