Friday, May 28, 2010

Grandson's Outer Space quilt

I made 2 of these for 2 grandsons that live in Dundee , the same year that I painted their rooms, I made the quilts to match ,both are just alike except one has a different color boarder so they can tell them apart .
 I also entered them in the quilt show along with the ones I made the girls .
 The pictures of the boys room is in an earlier post under murals .

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have been working in the yard the last few days and just this morning I noticed how full the begonia plant was (top photo) the flowers are really blooming  this year , I decided to go ahead and cut some to root , these begonias always come back out so good .I wanted to root some for the pastors wife and daughter,so I have extras for them and also enough for 2 hanging pots for my garden area as well .
Working in the yard sure does take time and is starting to look good out there ,I notice too that some of my Hibiscus are  coming back and the one shown was another favorite .
My vegetable garden is doing really good too, I cannot belive all the blooms on the squash plants ,so far I have picked about 8 and there are 2 plants with at least 6 squash on them , Tomatoes are doing good as well as the banana peppers , onions  seem to be really slow .I have enough squash  to cook for supper tonight  , love them smother fried with onions !

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tiered Pots

My sister Tina started this last summer ,I think she saw this somewhere else and decided to make one  . Mom and I loved it so much we both made one for ourselves ,except we did not use the bricks around the bottom ,Mom's is on her patio ,mine is in front between the evergreen trees .Tina's plants are beautiful , Mom and I bought a few and then used  what we could find at home  , I took a picture of mine but forgot to load it to the blog .Most of the plants are still here ,not sure about Mom's & Tina's .I love the way Tina's hang over the side.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fall color Table top

One day I took my sister with me to HeartFelt Quilt Shop just so she could see all the beautiful fabrics and quilts ,we saw a table top hanging from the wall and fell in love with the pattern it was Fall fabrics with Christmas on the back, we noticed that they had a pattern to sell ,but I thought I could make it without the pattern .

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sunsets- Quilt idea or Painting ?

I love Sunsets ! I took these thinking it sure would make a beautiful painting or quilt . I am amazed at how fast the sunsets change and you have to stay right there to see it all, sometimes I will take a picture and go back inside just to look out and it is prettier than the last one !

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Very Old Blocks -Grandma Ely's

Mom had these blocks ,I am not sure but if I remember right she told me they were started by Grandma Ely , there are a few that look like the were put together by hand and the rest by machine , she aske me if I was interested in putting it together .I told her I would see what I could do .
So now I have to decide on how I would like it to look finished ,there are  5 panels and 1 extra block, I found a pretty fabric that is almost the same shade of the blue and with pink flowers, the farbric is about the same texture and weight as the blocks ,so I can't decide if I want to make a small lap quilt with sashing in between or take the blocks apart and make a bigger quilt with sashing or should I make more blocks of the flowers and find something else for the boarder .........I probably could wait until go I go back to Mom's and let her decide but I am interested in everyone else opinion.
The fabric of the pink & blue seem to be in really good shape and since it was started back when Grandma Ely was still alive ,they have to be anywhere's from 56 to 65 yrs old !If they are older than that I would be afraid to work with it .   :-)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Old Barn

Several years ago when my nephew was still in collage ,he came home for a visit while I was at mom's .We both agreed to get together and paint the same object and we decided on the Old Barn or Shed  in his folks yard , I am thinking the barn is a good 100 yrs old , the photo of it is the front of the barn and the painting is the back of it . as you can see the barn is falling apart .I hope they can fix it as I hate to see old buildings being tore down.
Also I used the drawing -painting on my header for this blog .We used pencil and watercolor paint , then later on I added the black ink for detail work .I don't know what Jason did with his but his painting was different from mine as all artist never paint the same way .

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jeweled Handbag

I made this jeweled tote bag a couple yrs ago , it is a number of taffada's sewn together like a crazy quilt ,then I added cotton flower cutouts and tulle,I made it so there are 2 small pockets in the front and then added different color trims and beaded the flowers .I have been using the tote bag for my photo albums for when I travel to Mom's ,it even went as far as Pa . with me in 2008.
                   Maybe I will even use it for church .

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yard Sale Find - Milk Bowls ??

I found these at a yard sale a month ago ...they look so much like my Grandmothers dark Brown Milk Bowl. I am wondering if anyone knows if these are the same .All it says on the bottom is ovenware made in the USA with a 9 in the center of it .I have no idea if they are worth anything or not but I love them because they look old and like Grandma's Milk Bowl. I have had the bowl for years ,it was a favorite ,  because she always made yeast bread and cinnimom rolls from it and she taught me how to make them too . I have it with my other earthwear collection now , I cannot use it anymore as it has a crack in it and I do not think it can be repaired  .The 2 bowls I have are about 9 inches in diameter and Grandma's is 12". I will more than likely just keep them for show rather than use them as I don't want anthing to happen to them ,even if they are not worth anything ,I still love them .

Friday, May 14, 2010


Last Year  I made alot of pot holders and gave some away as gifts for christmas,these are what is left that I did not finish or need at the time ,so I put them away and then forgot about them.. I found them monday when I was looking for the Water color quilt , so this is something else I need to finish ,I love to make them but detest adding the binding !  So I do all that by machine ,Mom would do them by hand .
I guess I better get busy on these too! 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mom's Trumpit Vine

 This vine was growing up and around Mom's umbrella Pole where she hung pots of pretty flowers , the trumpit vine pretty much took over and it was looking like a tree so I took a picture of it and a close up of the flowers .This was last year , hope it has come back ,Mom has alot of the orange vines ,I have one here but it never blooms like hers !

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WaterColor Quilt

I have so many different flower squares I doubt I could count them right off ,it took me a long time just to get them in the order that I have it , Mom did not think she was going to get her wall back .Haha
Anyway I cannnot remember for sure why I did not finish it , I do know that the quilting design I wanted to use was not going to work as the chalk lines would not show up good and then when I did try to quilt it I used the wrong type of backing !! It was a sheet ,never again! So I spent a long time ripping out the stitching and some was so tiny I made a couple holes in it, so I had to replace a some of squares ,then I used a light weight backing and changed the quilting design and I got most of that done but still lack about 25 inches on the top ,I think the reason I put it away was because  the machine I was using at the time messed up on me (Phaff). It was a machine Mom gave to me and I used it to machine quilt alot of my quilts ,the first one being the Under water Quilt .So I now have a new machine , I guess it is time to finish this quilt and get it ready for the next quilt show .

Monday, May 10, 2010

Patches ( Animals)

I hope this you can see this better than I can ......I started making these about   20 years ago when the grand children started coming along ..I love to make stuffed animals , so I made a pattern from brown paper bags for these Bunnies and Teddy Bears ,they were so fun to make because each peice was a different color .I have made at least 50 to 60 gave some as gifts and sold some too .All Babies really like them ,they are so colorful and I know how babies like colorful items  .I even made a blanket to go with a couple  of them ,nothing fancy, just fleece.
I have some catching up to do ,great grandchildren have not gotten one yet !

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Orchids for Mother's Day

From My son & his family ,the first time I have ever had orchids ! Beautiful Color ...and the vase is huge !
Happy Mothers day to All of you Quilters , Artist and Crafters, hope you all have a wonderful day .

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Made by Mom

Made by Mom - the top one is one she gave me ,I love the colors , she decided not to quilt this one and just used a fancy stitch in the ditch . When she made this, she made several and gave all of us one to take home at Thanksgiven time last year.Thats her photo sitting on top of it ,I took that when we were in Pa. in 2008.
The last picture is another table top I helped her with , she had been wanting to try new designs , we are not sure what we think about this one , she is hand quilting it ,and will more than likely give it as a chirstmas gift .

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Quilt for Jon

This is a Basket Weave Quilt I made for one of my Grandsons ,in this picture it is just the top ,I can't remember the boarder but it is either red or black. I love useing this pattern as it is so easy to make . I have made several of these ,I also made a lap quilt like this & donated it to my church .
I got the pattern from a Marti Mitchell Quilt Book , I love her books , Mom and I have both used alot of her patterns .

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Garden

See How my garden is growing ! I did not know this banana pepper was there until yesterday morning and then this morning I went out there and this huge flower was blooming on a yellow squash plant ! I have 10 of those , all have blooms and there are about 4 tiny squash coming out too .
The Flower is one of my favorite 's , a purple morning Glory .Alot of those coming back from last year . The gourds are growing good too ,but so far no blooms yet .

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

donated quilt

The church I go to has a regular Ladies meeting once a month and for a long time we made quilts for the missionary people that came to visit us . This is one of the quilts I made and donated to them  .
If you look to the right of the photo you will see all the ribbon's my Mom recieved at quilt shows over the years  .

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Special Garden baby

Many years ago I made my own doll pattern and called them Special Garden Babies ,they are soft sculptured with hand painted eyes and features like freckles & etc .
I had this doll at Mom's for a long time, so she decided to finish it by adding the crocheted hair and made the dress for her .
On Most of the dolls we would give them a name ,and on the backside I would paint something to represent the name,  Like Daisy ,I would paint the flower daisy ,Rose then it would be roses ,since I called them Garden babies I would try to use a name of flower or fruits .
For ,many of them I made a swing to sit them in and then add flowers to the swing to represent the name of the doll .

Monday, May 3, 2010

UFO- School Room Wall hanging

I found this wall hanging that I have had for awhile now. I started making the school bus & school house quilts for my sister a few yeas ago . I made some for my daughter too ,they both work for the school buses in their hometowns .
I had put this one away after we did not need anymore and forgot about it ,so I consider this a UFO ,I just have alittle bit more machine quilting and then I can quilt the boarder and add the binding , I was going to send this to Tammy but I don't think she will need it now . I guess I will take it to the quilt shop to sell it .I have made alot of the buses , school houses and bus rodeo's but this is the second one of a school room ,it was fun to do .

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mom's Dhalia Quilt

Mom's Dhalia Quilt she made a few yrs ago, each square has a diffent color and each flower is hand sewn so I know it took her awhile to get that much done before she added the sashing's ,then after she got it all sewn togther she hand quilted it . She had planned to keep it for her bed but ended up putting it in the Suwannee River Quilt Show  .
I think she got a ribbon for it , there was another quilt there almost like hers but different colors . Mom decided that if it would sell she was going to sell it, because she needed the extra money for her home  .
When we got there to look at all the quilts in the show I noticed that they had someone else name on Mom's quilt , I looked on the back just to make sure , we got in touch with the women in charge  .But at the same time another woman wanted to buy Mom's quilt, but this other woman's name was still on it ,the buyer did not care she wanted this quilt ! So after we got it straighten out Mom and the buyer were happy .
       Mom has since made another one ,she says it is for me ,I told her she needs to make a new one for herself ,she has made everyone in the family a quilt or two except for herself .That gives me an idea but I cannot do one by hand....... HUMmmmmm,I'll think of something .....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring Flowers New & Old

I was trying to up-load these to Facebook to show a friend ,but had problems ,I wanted to talk about some of my favorite flowers . The peach Rose bush is new ,it is called Diamond Jubilee , the purple new wave petunia's came up on the their own in the ground   , purple lantana with petunia's and a special hibiscus that I lost when it got cold , they are not showing any signs of coming back.
The orange Trumpit vine and yellow Pansy is at Mom's, 2 of many different flowers she has  ,the snap dragon's came from my husband who got them from a friend that grows them.I had many different colors and styles of hibiscus , so far only a couple are coming back. The yellow orange one in the above pic. the flower alone was about 6 to 7" round .
I was finally able to post some of these on facebook ,but not all of them.