Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Practice quilt top

I had always wanted to do a whole cloth quilt , so I decided to make a sample first , I had some leftover muslim just the right size for a table top . I took 2 of Mom's stencils and kind of played with the design ,I started with the center ,then added the straight lines to make the squares , then the feather design all around that , I used the multi color thread . I did not like it and was going to put it away . Mom said NO!!  It is so pretty ! I said to myself well if she likes it then I will finish it for her and give it to her for chirstmas .I wanted to add a boarder but she thought it was pretty without one, so I just put a binding around it ,
.I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.
I did this on my new machine with the new bobbin case and loved the results of the tension , so hopefully I can do another one but bigger and different  .

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