Monday, July 22, 2013

For Operation Christmas Child -Flip Flops and Balloons

    I saw a post on Pinterest for operation Christmas Child about these ,I thought they were so cute and looked so easy to do.
I purchased the flip flops and Balloons at the Family Dollar store near us. The shoes were only $1.00, the balloons were $1.25 for 15.
I divided the bag of 15 into 7 for each shoe ,I put 6 together laying the fat and skinny parts opt of each other and used the 7th balloon to tie them on to the strap of the shos , I double tied them, I thought tying all of them would make it too thick for the feet and bother the childs foot that is why I used only one balloon. Did not take long at all.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wedding Dress with Large Roses

My Niece is opening a bridal shop on August 3rd ,her Mom (my sister) asked me to make some huge Roses out of the same fabric as the dress, I made 9 of them. You can see one at the top of the skirt better than the rest, this dress and many others were in a Fashion Show last Sunday. When she came out there was lots of Oh's and Wow's.everyone loved the dress ,there were many others too.
When I go to the shop I will get a better close up of the roses.
The name of her shop is Brandy's Bridal , she also has a Facebook page about the shop.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Bridal Headpieces made for Niece's Bridal Shop

 V Shape hat I made out of several layers of netting for stiffness covered with lace,then silk Flower with feathers

My sister Rexa and I made all these while we were at Mom's , Rexa did most of them ,I made the hat and helped to decorate the others , We did this for Rexa's daughter who is opening a Bridal Shop on Aug, 3rd.
It is called Brandy's Bridal.