Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blue & White Embroidery Quilt & Room

Many years ago we used to have a TG&Y store in Auburndale, Mom found a package of 20 fabric squares with this design printed on them for emboridery work .The store was closing and she got them on sale.
She started the embroidery work not long after that ,of course she did not stay with it all the time, but she finally got them done and decided to put it together in either 2005 or 2006, but anyway she had it done in time for her sister Kathy to come for a visit, so she redid a chair, made some table tops for the dresser and night stand, she also made the pillows and crocheted the flowers for the quilt and the pillows, she also made a rug out of the 2"squares, but I did not get a picture of that .
One time when I went to visit her I brought the butterfly and I made the 2 shell boxes you see on the dresser, the one in front I gave to Aunt Kathy. I think Mom did an excellent job redoing this guest room and my Aunt, she could not belive how good it all looked .She really enjoyed her stay with Mom .
This was Aunt Kathy's first visit to Mom's in Florida and I know she enjoyed staying in this room , I know I do ,this is how it looks when I go to stay with her, I just love this room! .

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mom's Bird Quilt

Made by my Mom a few yrs ago , The bird Fabric was given to her by a freind .
At the time she made it for the guest room, she now has it hanging on her quilt rack.I have told her she needs to enter it in the quilt show ,maybe this year she will.
She has since made a new one for this room ,I will show it tomorrow, it has alot of emboirdery work in it .

Monday, July 26, 2010

Quilt Contest - I Won !!

This is the UnderWater Wonders Quilt I entered in the Quilting Blogger's Gallery Contest this past week .This is the first time I have ever entered a quilt in a contest on-line .
The picture I entered does not show the quilt with the boarder ,I am not an expert with the computer, so I did not know how to take the orginal picture from another post that I had on here March 22nd,so this is the one I sent them ,when I saw the contest I did not have alot of time to enter it, as I had alot of other things going on too .
I receved a message from Michele letting me know that I won and that it was an amazing competion ,I will be getting a gift. cert. from "Around The Block Quilt Shop "soon.I can't wait to see what that is .
This was so much fun and exciting to do .
I want to thank everyone who voted ,most of the voters were friends and family from Facebook , especially Karen & Robin ,my sister-in-law and neice also my cousin Susan, they all reposted the link on Facebook more than once.
If you would like to read more about the quilt go to Mar. 22nd post.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Craft Day with Children

Right after school was let out for the summer I had all the kids come over and we made some clay food for the girls doll house family .
 Boy did they have fun doing this, even 4 & 1/2 yr old Sarah made some, she made the taco's and some hambugers, of course Grandma helped !
I would suggest something to make and they would do it .We made enough to feed an army !
So see if you can find ice cream cones, plate of cookies, some apples, grapes, pizza, peas,string beans and etc. 
Anyway they all had fun and maybe another day we will make something else, as all of the kids love to make things and a couple of them are pretty artistic.After we made all this I then put them in the oven on 115 degrees for a few minutes .I did not have to leave them in there long as it was so hot in here  they were already getting hard .
The girls have a blast playing with the doll house and feeding thier little family.They have even pretened they were going on a picnic ! How fun is that!  

Friday, July 23, 2010

Blue & White For Lung Cancer Quilt

      A good friend Tracey, our community president had asked me if I could make a quilt for her Dad who has lung cancer, I told her I would love to do this, she was not sure how she wanted it made, said to use blue and put a white ribbon on it .
      I looked up lung cancer awareness, typed in search for lung cancer quilt, none showed up, could this be the first?
      Ok, so this is what I have on my small design board, I wanted to use the sky & clouds to represent the air and water because we have to use our lungs underwater too .
      I started out putting it together like the 2 at the top and then realise it will not be big enough as she wants him to be able to wrap it around him while at Chemo, as it is very cold in there, so I decided to move the blocks out and add the dark blue sashingto make it bigger.
      I myself am leaning towards the last one as it seems to bring it out better ,I am trying to imagine a large white ribbon symbol in the middle of the quilt ,that is something I need to buy, the white fabric. I don't think I have any pure white in my sash !
      I will be sending Tracey the pictures and let her decide which one she wants. I will post it agian when I have it done.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Horse Quilts

  Horse Quilts I made a couple yrs ago , I made them at the same time while at Mom's so I could use her design wall and when I had them all laid out I realized how they look like one quilt cut in half  . If they were side by side it looks like they are looking at each other from the other side of the creek .
I used the wonder under ,cut out each horse, rocks, Tree's & etc. ,alot of the background I just laid them out and added the rest, ironed all of it on and machine quilted free motion sewing.
A friend saw them and wanted to buy one from me for a friend of hers ,the other one I sold at HeartFealt Quilt Shop ,I have more fabric and plan to make more .
 I love horses and I have always wanted one ,but that was a just dream. I loved the books about Black Beauty ,Flame, Velvet, plus many more.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gourds Sent to PA

Gourds I cleaned, cut and painted in 2008 and sent to PA to give to my Aunt and family in Catlin Hallow. My Aunt Kathy had sent me a huge box full of the gourds after her first visit to Mom's.
The bowl was made from a large gourd that Mom's neighbor gave to me, I really enjoyed painting this one wirh the huge pink flower, I also made one for Mom ,I have one more for myself but have not started on it yet..
The one with the blue roof was done with wood putty , the green gourd with purple flowers is also done with the putty.
The yellow gold one has real lace glued to it and painted purple, all of them were spray painted with alot of the clear coat.
My Aunt Kathy has the bowl in her living room and at one time had the mini gourds in it . I think I posted a picture of it in March with some other gourds I had done. I have not done any this year yet, I still have a few more gourds to clean . I may do those when it cools down outside.
I planted seeds for some new ones, no luck ! I can't seem to grow them here for some reason !

Monday, July 19, 2010

Scrapy Quilt

Another scrapy quilt Mom & I put toghter ,it is just straight line machine quilting on the squares and then stripling around the boarder.I love the way the back turned out .

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Water Color Quilt

This was a very time consumming quilt to make with lots of different types of flower fabric, so it took awhile to just get enough flower fabric to make this,there are 1,638  2" squares ,the overall size of the quilt after the boarder is 86" X 92".
I was thinking it was a queen size but it is just the correct size for my twin bed and still have enough to allow for the pillows .
I got the idea from when Jane gave me a book called Watercolor Impressions by Pat Maixner Margaret & Donna Ingram Slusser.
I did not want to make one just like the others so I come up with this design ,I just started putting the pieces up and this is how it came out  . My plans of quilting it was to quilt it in art form however ,my hands cannot handle hand quilting for very long, I had then atemped to machine quilt it on my Phaff at the time ,it was very difficult to do and then the machine messed up, so I put it away 2 years ago and got it back out of the closet just last month, then I did not realise I had done as much as I did ,so I took it with me to Mom's and finished it there with my new Janome machine .
  The quilting design is in heart shapes with the feather loops around the hearts and strippling around each of those .I plan to enter it in the quilt show also.
The top photo is of the quilt finished,I asked my sister and a friend to hold it up for me, I wanted it to be up right ,but they said they were not tall enough !

Friday, July 16, 2010

More Finished Table tops

I have always wanted to do red ,black & white !
The Pot holders are for christmas gifts, we never have too many of those !

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lunch & Quilting Day With Mom & Zelda

The first Wed.after I got to Mom's she had a very good friend Zelda come over for lunch ,to talk and quilt ,showing off our work at the same time, we enjoyed it very much.
Mom & Zelda usually get together every week to do this ,that day was no exception.
The Quilt shown is one of Zelda's latest ones ,I just love the flower fabric and the colors are so bright, the tote bag she made with YoYo's ,it is one of her latest creations .She loves to make tote bags and pocket books,her and her sister Shirley use them alot .
We was going to get together agian the following week but Zelda ended up ill, so it had to be put off .
I will be looking forward to when we can get together agian .
This was the same week that I finished to Basket weave and was working on the volcano quilt that day .

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feed Sack Quilts -New !

Ok these were on Mom's design wall last week, we made 3 using the same fabric but different boarder, one for each of us girls and one for Mom, I don't have a picture of the light color boarder, I thought I took a picture, I will get it late , anyway the Feed Sacks are the ones Debbie gave us while we were in PA back in 2008.
I had brought some pink  fabric and blue fabric to go with these and in the mean time Mom found some that were similar to feed sack material .
 The pattern we picked was among 2 others and we liked this one the best, I received it in the mail from a quilting newsletter.
We still have quite a bit of feed sack fabric left we may make more but with a different pattern.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Volcano Quilt

   This quilt was inspired by Mom & myself a few years ago when I had some really bright red orange flower fabric , I had cut some 2" sq.'s and some of them looked like the flow of lava by turning the fabric. , I tried to make it  from the 2"squares for the whole quilt but I did not have enough of the fabric at the time ,so later on I found alot of landscaping fabric's, some left over from other wall hangings,and then I found the bright red & orange flame looking fabric at HeartFelt Quilt Shop in Winter Haven, so I decided to just make it an applicade wall hanging.
 Some of the the background fabric for the land (ground) came from the Needle Quilt Shop in Wellsboro, PA.and some of the darker batic colors came  from Suwannee Valley Quilt Shop in Trenton, FL
 Also some of the odd colors came from Walmart when they sold out ,like the black for the boarder,the sky I painted with Jacquard Textile Fabric paint ,I brought that at Michel's Crafts.
When Aunt kathy came down in Feb. she posted it part way done on her web site and then she told me she liked the loose threads, I had taken from some blue jeans , I wanted the gold color for texture ,I loved it just laying on top, but to sew it down made it messy and then I used some Fabric Solvy from Sulky and that made it too stiff and did not look good ,so I left it off .
 I plan to enter this in the Suwannee River Quilt Show in Oct. I want to give it a name ,at one time I thought to call it "Fire & Brimstone!!"

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back Home - 1st pictures of Basket Weave Quilt

  Ok I am Home safe and sound ! I had a wonderful 2 weeks with Mom, we got alot done,I will start with the first quilt we finished , I had alot of pic's of this quilt but for some reason my page will not let me up-load all of them.
I had the Basket Weave Qulit stored at Mom's for several months, I had it rolled up and when we un-rolled it,we discovered it needed to be pressed, so that is the first thing we had to to ,we took turns pressing and moving the quilt around as it is a queen size quilt.
Then it was so big I had to roll it up lenghtwise and used Mom's clamps to hold it in place to machine quilt it, I did not want to spend too much time on it,so I did the straight sewing through each block to look like an X , then I did my own hearts and swirls on the boarder,I left the deep red plain so it would puff out.
Then we put the same deep red on for the binding, Mom did the hand work.
Yesterday while my sister and her family was there I asked them to help hold it up for a full size picture . I will try to post a close up of the boarder,another time.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Update on Visit to Mom's

Well Mom & I have gotten a lot done this time around. I have finish the volcano quilt, 2 Queen size quilts, and 4 lap quilts. All the big ones and the volcano quilt are ones that were started last winter, I just finished the free motion sewing on them, added the binding and we made the 4 lap quilts while I was here .
I will be heading back home this weekend, hopefully on sunday morning.... but Mom is trying to talk me into staying an extra day, I told her I will see.
After I get home I will be posting the photos of all the quilts we finished and made .
The 2 quilts you see on this post are ones Mom made last winter, she gave the small one to me for a table top and the flannel one was for Sarah, my youngest grand daughter.