Friday, March 15, 2013

Baby Quilt For Elaina

This post shows the quilt in sections , I thought I had photo of the whole quilt but I cannot find it ,so I am showing that I do have.
                           I drew and made my own pattern , some like the flowers and Dragon Flies I already had from another Quilt .I like to keep any patterns that I make just in case, and these have come in handy several times .

This is the lovely little Elaina born Jan. 20th 2013
Showing the Fancy machine stitch I used all around each block
Back side of Dragon Fly
Love this smile 

  Back side of Butterfly , Elaina's Mom has a picture of the whole quilt on Facebook, if I can, I will add it later.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Wood Burning Art

This is a Rainbow Trout that I drew and then used a wood burning tool to draw it into the wood .I also used some color pencils to get the rainbow color look, then I used my Dad's large wood burning tool to get the darker burn around the outside and edge of the wood . I sealed it with clear coat.

 I made this and many others about 15 years ago,
This one had been hanging up at my son's house it fell and cracked , if you look closer you can see where it is ,but it also looks like part of the water. I put wood glue in it and it is good as new. 
I will take pictures of any other wood art and post them later.