Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby Quilt for Ameila

This is the 1st baby quilt this summer ,I made it for Sherry's baby that is due any time now , her name will Ameila , another great grand daughter and sister to Cayden .
 Sherry is my youngest daughters oldest daughter.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

15 Crazy Quilt Blocks

 Remembering Dad~ with the American Legion pin and train ,along with red,white and blue ,he was in WWII.
                                    For Mom

Grandma Schoonover

All of these blocks are on the crazy Quilt Mom and I made , I had been wanting to show each block separately ,there is suppose to be 16 but I failed to post the best one of all , so I will post it as soon as I find a picture or take a new one , This Crazy Quilt  is the Schoonover Heirloom Quilt. I found more embellishments to add to it and plan to do that next time I go to Mom's, as I did make it so we can keep adding to it if we wanted to.
I am suppose to have one for Grandpa Goodwin too with a tractor ,cows .pig, chickens &etc. Another one to look for.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pageant Dress

2 weeks ago a friend had asked me if I could make a pageant dress in 9 days for his neice, I told him I was sure I could.
Her name is Kalynn , she is same age, height, has long red hair as my youngest grand daughter Sarah, they both hit it off right away.
This pageant was also her first one ever ! 

Her first fitting , she was so happy!

Finished Dress
 made with a soft satin and sparkled Chiffon, ruffle is sewn onto the slip.
Rose is made from leftover chiffon.

Last fitting ,perfect !
She was thrilled !
She had 2 days of the pageant.,wore a satin jacket one night
and with the flower the last night , she got top ten!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Princesses For The Day at Mom's

                Sarah~ My grand daughter
                  Sarah and Gracie
                      Gracie ~ Tina's grand daughter
                  They changed dresses often ,Gracie had 4 or 5 dress ~ they had a ball
Sarah wore this one the most it is the one Mom made for Gracie's last Halloween day.

                    Both girls helping Great Garndma watering flowers
 I called Gracie to look back ,she turned complettly around and kept on watering the flowers !
Mom telling girls about the flowers and how to properly water them.
Before we went outside Gracie wanted me to draw her a mermaid , I drew it from memory ,and it did not turn out like I wanted it but she loved it and held on to it most of the day by rolling it up.

"Rain Lilly" Sarah gave me.Looks good with the water drops .
                  Mom had lots of these on her bush ~" Rose Of Sharon"

Both girls played together all day for 3 solid days , they even had sleep overs 3 nights in a roll, later on Abby and Emmy came  and they all 4 played together too. It was a long fun weekend for them and Sarah's first time away from Mom and Dad.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Just a Peek !!

 This background fabric you see is the rusted dyed muslin that I dyed with rusty items quite some time ago.
I found this flower fabric I have had for a long time too and decided to make a wall hanging,
This is just a peek. I will post it again when I get the boarder on, hopefully this weekend .
The string and ribbon on lower right corner will be used also, should look great when I am done .

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pictures at My sister's in Live Oak

 My sister Tina and Mom both had wind mills in their yards, but due to the hard winds over the years the fan part wore out and broke . They kept the frame, this one Gary used an old Bus Fan to put on the wind mill ,These work so much better than the old ones. We are waiting for another good fan for Mom's .
 There were lots of Butterflies at Tina's that day . every time we tried to take a picture of them Issac was trying to catch them ! We did get a few pictures !

 Colin, Gracie ,Sarah and Emmy at the tope of the fort with a slide.
 Gracie,Issac,Sarah and Colin on the sand pile ,Emmy in the car..
 This was another day with just Sarah and Gracie , they had a great time on the swings .

 Cooling down with Kool pops
 Girls swinging on Tina's Hammock/

All in all they children had a great time visiting with cousins at my sisters, I will show more photo's from Mom's another day .

Monday, July 16, 2012

Taffada Pillows

Pillows I had started a couple years ago.
When reorganizing my room I decided to finish these up. The green is done with a fancy stitch from my Janome Machine ,it looked too plain so I added the antique looking lace and flower.
The pink one I use one of Mom's sencils for the quilting and added the lace and flower.I still need to add stuffing to this one.
Hope to sell both of them to get them out of the way , if not I may give them as a gift for Christmas.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Blue Jean Dog Collar ?

While I was at Mom's at the end of June I had the blue Jean Beads up there and Tina my sister said it would make a cute dog collar also . So I would have to make sure the string is extra strong and I will make Lacey one with a clasp for dogs . It looks good on Lacey because she is white and she does not seem to mind.
 To see how the beads were made go to my June 20th post about  "Painted Denim Beads"

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Life Span Of A Cactus

                            Cactus with white showing in the afternoon
                                Beginning stages of opening after dark

                                        About an hour after

                  Another hour later ~ the flower stays fully open all night

Starting to close up when the sun came up

The Cactus with the blooms is one of 2 that my husband planted , he got them from another neighbor that was trimming his down ,They do get big and sometimes has several blooms at one time .