Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grandma Ely's Blocks or Mystery Quilt

I went ahead and put all the blocks together  ,with my daughter-in-laws help we decided it would be better this way ,then I added the 5 inch boarder , I want it  to be hand quilted ,I think it would make it more orginal this way..............
I brought this up to Mom and she said the blocks were not Grandma Ely's after all ,she said her Aunt Charolette gave the blocks to her years ago ,but Mom can't remember if her Aunt made them or if maybe Great Grandma Goodwin did ........................
So to me this is a mystery Quilt !

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Off Too Visit With Mom In Live Oak.Florida !

This is Mom and the pictures were taken I think after we got back from Pa. in 2008 .Every morning she puts on her long sleeve shirt ,boots and a hat ,goes out to feed the chickens and birds , (Chickens no longer here ) ,then she waters the flowers if they need it , by looking at this last pic. I would say it is fall because of the leaves on the ground .Those are from the tree right by the house  .She is always so full of energy !
Now that it is summer it will be too hot to stay outside much, so we take this time to stay inside with the air on to plan, cut & sew our quilts or anything else we need to make .I have 2 quilts at her house now that I plan to finish while there ,one is a basket weave and the other is an art quilt that my Aunt showed on her blog last Feb.and hopefully I can get another one finished that was started about 4 or 5 yrs ago.
So I will be on my way on sunday morning ,we will visit awhile and then probably get started on sewing monday morning ! Hope to accomplish alot ! I will not be able to post everyday but when ever I visit with my sister while there  she will let me use her computer .

Friday, June 25, 2010

Finished School Room Quilt

Remember this ? I finally finished this a week ago .it is ready for hanging on the wall .My daughter Tammy wanted it at one time I will see if she still wants it .
When I made this, I was looking for fabric that had the presidents faces in it , Mom said you won't find any .... I found them ! I went to Trenton ,Fla on my way home from her house one time  and stopped at the Quilt Shop there and they had some of this cut into fat quarters ,I think I got the last one !
I have the shop listed as a favorite if you want to visit it .

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crochet Rugs

Last year when  I made some jackets and small fleece blankets I had some scraps left over , I am a stcker for saving everything ,so I took them with me to Mom's and asked her if she thought we could make a rug out of it and she said we can try ,well she started it and then I finished it but I think I cut most of it too wide , it is ok but I am afraid someone may trip over it so I thoughtt maybe I could put it in a lawn chair or something .this is the top one .
This other one is from a couple of my skirts that I wore to church and they were getting kind of ragged so I cut them up and made this one ,it is very light weight ! but I love it and I plan to keep this one by my bed  .They were fun to do and I plan to make more ,Mom has used t-shirts, sheets and mostly just any cotton fabric's ,I have learned alot from my Mom and she will probably have something new for me to learn when I see her next .
I have seen alot of new ways to use fabric for crocheting and the fleece would be good for the totes and handbags, maybe bowls ?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finally Getting Something Accomplished

OK this is the used computer that I sent off to have formatted and all new stuff added to it, so now after 2 &1/2 weeks of aggrevation , spending more money, waiting ,waiting and waiting ,problem after problem ,I can now work on here faster, up-load and down load pictures to this blog and facebook or  to my e-mails
, I have alot of catching up to do and pictures to show.So starting tomorrow I will be showing what I did get done while waiting on this to happen.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cheyenne's Quilt

A quilt for another grand-daughter, I used a pattern from one of Mom's book's ,by using the templates I brought from Jane made it alot easier to cut and put together.I was wanting the quilt to match the painting I did of a shared room with her sister , her sisters was of  the ocean & dolfin's ,Chey wanted birds ,Butterfly's and flowers ,but I did not have time to make an art quilt ,I had this one partly started and since it already had alot of flowers in the fabric's I thought it would be perfect and it was, she loves it .

Friday, June 18, 2010

Back On-Line with New Computer !

Ok I am back on-line agian .After 2 weeks of waiting ,trying to be patient,having to spend more than we wanted and running into so many problems since I got this back that ,I did not think I was suppose to even get back to blogging agian ,thank goodness for really wonderful friends ! We are back and we hope there will not be any more problems in the future .
Now that I can see all the wonderful & colorful pictures of everyone's blogs I cannot belive I waited so long to get to this , after 2 years of fuzzy pictures and not being able to add new stuff was a bummer for me  .The old car you see here is just another art idea for a quilt I plan to make someday , I have not even tried to download any new photo's yet .I am taking it slow for now ,I want to learn everything all over agian, so it may take some time , I will be able to get to a couple pictures that would not load before .So I may do that before I add any new pictures ,I do have quite a few to add since I had alot more time to get them done  .
It feels so good to be back to Blogging agian !

Friday, June 4, 2010

Last Years Air Plants

OK I know its been a few days since I have posted anything all because I have no way to up-load any new photo's ,this is a picture of my air plants that were in bloom last year ,I love it when they all bloom at the same time  .However I do not have as many this year because of the cold winter we had ,but new ones are coming out .
If you do not see any more post from me for a few days it is because I will have the computer sent off to be fixed ,until then I can still post old photo's ,just nothing new  . I do have some projects I want to show after I get this fixed .