Sunday, September 30, 2012

4 More Of Mom's Scrappy Quilts

                                            A Sampler Quilt
I think she told me these were leftover blocks from other quilts that she has been saving ,
 Not sure where this one came from
This was from one of my quilt magazines I love the boarder!!
All of these are ready for quilting , some will be done by hand and some by machine.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Afagan for Jeanie

                 I have a friend at church that had asked me if I crochet , I told her that Mom and I both did .
She said she had 74 Granny Squares that her mother had crocheted many years ago,she had them in her closet since her Mom passed on and was wanting the granny squares put together I told her that Mom was better at that, so I took all 74 squares to her and we decided that they needed to have them outlined in black to make it look better and to make it bigger . However there were 15 squares that she could not use because of the yarn being a more light weight yarn, so Mom made an extra 26 squares to make it 90 squares all together.
                   Mom got the black and finished it ,had it almost done in July when I was there but not quite , so she added a scalloped edge to it and made it look so much better.
                   I brought it home with me this time and Jeanie was very happy with the results .So excited that it was done!!
                   Mom has made lots of them just like this one.I have one too.
                   Maybe some day I will make one like it .

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mom's Bow Tie Quilt + 2 more

Mom had been making the blocks for this for awhile and finally got it all together this summer .I think if we would have had more time we may have had the batting and backing done while I was there.
There just was not enough time!
Hopefully she will be able to get some of it quilted soon.
This is another extra large quilt she put together this summer also.Tina wants this one .
I just love how she puts these colorful quilts together, she always told me I was the better one, but I think she does excellent !!!She really does have an eye for her quilts !!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week end with Mom ~ Her Quilts~ Part 2

 A couple of Table runners ,the one on the right is my favorite!
 Barbie Doll dresses on a wall hanging
 This one still needs binding and to be quilted

4 more scrappy quilts,some straight machine quilted and some hand quilted ,she has made lots of them ! I will show more tomorrow or Thursday.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Week End with Mom~ Her Quilts

 Basket Weave ~ Love the colors !

I had the chance to go visit with Mom while my husband and his brother went to Georgia this past weekend .She was showing me all the quilts she finished since I saw her last  and she sure has been a busy woman! ,
For a long time she had been quilting on a rack ..but it bothered her back, so she is now quilting all the smaller ones on her lap , sitting in a more comfortable chair.However she does a few on the machine too.
Yesterday I machine quilted 2 for her and I will show those later.
These are just a few , I took lots of pictures, so there will be more each day .

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Wall Hanging Top

This is a panel I've had for a couple years , brought it at HeartFelt  Fabric and Quilt Shop In Winter Haven, Fl. I added a couple more fish & coral , I plan to add  more fish ,maybe a hut,birds and something else on top later.
The top is ready for batting and backing then it will be machine quilted .

Monday, September 10, 2012

Welder's Hats

 Here is 2 hats I made for a neighbor that has become a welder. I have made many,many of these for my brother-in-law and some of the guys he works with too.
I can make them to order ,but I like it better knowing the head size as so many of them have different head size .My brother-in-law likes the odd color ones and the football fabric.
I even made some in bright colors like  pinks ,orange and etc.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekly Contest~ Please Vote

I have entered another quilt into the quilting gallery weekly contest .
This one is called School Days , I made lots of these for my sister and others to sell and for a couple of door prizes for the schools .All were different.
The school house ,school bus ,tree's and background I drew and made myself ,I used wonder under to iron onto the back and then machine quilted , the little people were from fabric for  Childrens fabric books .Those were also ironed on.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Another Rust Wall Hanging

 This is another one I have ready for batting and Backing ,after I fix the bottom as I did not get it squared off correctly.
I think I will quilt the flowers and the bottom rusted part in black or dark brown , as I want the flowers to stand out and I will try to make the rust look like a vase.Then use a lighter shade of thread for the top.
I have not decided if I want to bead this one too or not.