Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Won !!!

Gosh ! I can't remember when I signed up for this, but I remember going to Quilting Bloggers web site and I saw these scissors on a giveaway ,You bet I signed up for them , I have been wanting a really good pair of Applicade scissors for a long time , well I got an e-mail from Michele Foster at the Quilter's Blogging site saying I won , they came in the mail Friday .
 I am so thrilled and can not wait to try them out, hopefully soon.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Quilt Patch Bunny Rabbit

Several years ago I started making these for all the grandchildren in our family , some I used same fabric as the quilt I made ,some not . I also made several teddy Bears like this , and have sold quite a few too . I have this one I will be putting in the Art, Craft and Yard sale. Hope fully if time I will make some more.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bible or Just a Book Cover

Bible Or Book Covers I have several.
But these 2 I made smaller to fit a journal book ,I sent one to my daughter for Christmas and my grand daughter wanted it.
 Makes a good diary book, also good for a high school graduate to keep notes about her graduation ,summer or for college.
 I plan to make more and put those in the art,Craft yard sale too.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Small Handbags For Little Girls

 Carpi Sun Bags
I have 3 made , need to buy more juice and let the kids drink them up so I can make more !
I have 3 so far, if anyone else buys them please save me the bags ! Thank you

This pretty Blue and white one is made from  Taffada and Lace with beads , Hope to make more like this in different colors .

Drawstring bag out of satin with lace applicade .Only one .

I am making these for the Art, Craft & Yard sale also .

Flower Pot Pin Cushion


I took  terra cotta pots and covered them with glue and fabric pieces
I use the clear Elmers glue ,let dry over night , then I covered a styrofoam ball with batting and fabric and cut out part of a dollie and put on top for the pins .
 I am making them for a Art.Craft and Yard Sale we will be having in May.

So Far I have 2 Finished pin cushions .

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Mystery

It is a mystery as to what I did with this table top, I remember starting it and sort of finishing it but I  cannot remember if I gave it away or if it is still in a box waiting for me, I know I used a pattern that Mom brought from the Quilt Show a few years ago .
 Maybe I will remember or I might find it someday !
I know I still have some fabric left I could always make another one because I like the blocks.