Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring Craft Class at Church

                                  One of our church members who does repairs and upkeep of the building and grounds ,  we call him Mr. Bob made this wall board for us ! I came up with the idea to make a spring display on it , I found some paper strips that looked like grass in one of the cupboards so I used that for the bottom and added some green tissue paper to it ,then asked all the children to make as many flowers as they wanted to in 45 mins.
      My daughter-in -law helps me a lot so we had some strips and leaves cut ot and they made the flowers out of cupcake liners , round construction paper and long strips to make loops ,I let them use pompoms, buttons and sticky flowers for the center of the flower to make them with.

                                               Top 3 are close ups of their work
 The following Sunday evening I had all the smaller children  come in and make some too ,