Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Yard Art

   Finally after waiting on my husband to cut me a pole the correct size I gave up and attached it differently than I planned .So I ended up with lots more green color in it than it was to begin with and that was so I could make it a tighter fit .I used 3 candy dishes ,a small goblet ,a small candle holder and a flower vase, then attached the wooden ball I got from the dollar store for the top, under  the up-side down vase is a olive jar, also upside down with the green half marbles in between to keep it a tight fit. I used hot melt glue for that part and the clear silicone for the glass on top,
 The blue globe is like my mothers, hers was red with grout, I decided to leave mine plain, I did not care for the grout look.
The table is a plastic tray with sea shells and filler with a glass top and more sea shells all around the edge . I have all these just out side my front door.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Greatest Artist of All

                    I took all these pictures of the sunset on Sunday evening, it was in a span of about 10 min's.
                          Our sunsets are never the same, they are always beautiful, but never last long .
                         I was trying to capture God's beautiful work and  the wonders of Mother Nature.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Knitted Handbag made by a Friend

I went to church one morning and Robin (Pastors Wife )had this in a bag ,said her boss Jane Griggs  from Lighthouse Christian Book Store wanted me to line the bag for her and re-enforce the top so it would not stretch.
I simply Love how this was made and with all the bold colors she worked in it ,it is like a basket weave but knitted .

This is the color of the linning and I used 3 inche wide horsehair stiffening around the top under the lining .
I would say the straps are store brought and it is perfect for this bag.
It looks like she knitted each color then weaved them together and then knitted them all together at the top with a wide band .

Monday, June 20, 2011

Night Blooming Cereus

We have a good friend in the neighbor hood who is owner of a flower garden that sells to local Florist, he came over to tell us about this beautiful night blooming catsus flower on his huge oak tree.
So my husband and I went over there ,of course I forgot my camera so we came back to get it and these are just a few we took , Jim's son and my husband got onto the back of the pick up to get close enough to get this close up of the first 2 pictures .
The flower only blooms at night , there are no thorns and is also called Queen Of The Night -Dutchman's Pipe .

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Community Event -Beach Party

Sarah and neighbor boy sitting on pretend beach

                               Just Look at the blue lips !! Sarah loved the homemade Blueberry Icee . The Community of K-Ville  that my husband and I are members of  had this planned for several months , most of the planning was all done by our Activities Director,  Daisy Bennett and her husband.
                         Usually we have a spring Fling and Fall Fest, well they decided to do something different this time and wanted to do this for the last day of school for the summer. Part of the plans was to have a beach with white sand which was Daisy's idea to do this with the tarp,sand and have water sprinklers with it . The lids loved it! ! Especially the little ones , Sarah (my youngest grand daughter) and this boy went out there when it was almost over, so I got good pictures of them, I think the blue tarp and sand with the water makes it look natural.
  We also had a cookie (cake ) walk , fishing board game where the fish for a prize, pop the ping pong ball in the bowl for live fish , a Dunk Tank ,Treasure hunt and a couple other games, plus hot dogs,chips and sodas.
                     There was a good turn out, I took lots of pictures but with a throw away camera, so I have to get those developed soon., a friend and I are talking about making a blog and web site just for the history and events.
                      My husband is the Building Supervisor and I am the Historian so we are pretty active with our community and events,the next event will be the national Night Out.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Remote Control caddy

I made this for Mom because 
whenever I would visit we would both be using the end table for sewing stuff ,our cups or glasses ,& etc.,  the remotes would always be in the way!

 So I found this piece of heavy cotton or maybe it was a dacron, not sure ,anyway I folded it lenght wise about 32 inches long ,sewed together and turned
                     Then I laid the remotes on it to get the proper length for that and pinned for 2 pockets
                                         I used a fancy stitch all around and for the pockets, there you have a Remote Caddy.... I made it long enough to lap over the arm chair and tucked the plain end down the side of the cushions.Really gave us lots more space , I have seen them made before in books ,so I decided she needed one too . She loves it !
      This is also a good idea for paper ,pens and what ever anyone wants to put in it ,extra pockets would be good too.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Crazy Quilt

This is another one Mom and I started last year , I brought them home to put together, then realized it would be so much nicer if we added more of the emboridery work and lace before sewing the rest together.
When I got back to Mom's we added more fancy embellishments and etc.
I used some Navy blue Brocade for the sashing,then because it was in different lengths we decided to add a red taffada square to match the boarder.
                We like this better than the first with the squares in it, then I will finish by adding more laces and buttons and etc,I still have to add the backing to it which might be gold satin, I have not decided for sure yet.
 The boarder is fabric Mom had gotten from another quilter that was giving away what she did not want ,it is burgany satin with fuzzy spider webs .We renforced all the blue and burgany to help keep the shape better as this fabric can be flimsy .
We plan to put it in the quilt show this fall and hope that maybe we can sell it later and split the cost for another trip to PA.