Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Baby Quilts To Finish

 Got this top sewn up Friday, I love the print with Turtles, Frogs, Lizards ,Grasshoppers ans etc. Will be trimed with the same brown for binding.

 Butterflies and Dragon Flies Top ready for batting and Backing , Have had this fabric around for a long time has been used for 3 different little girls .
 Another jungle print top ready , I used the dark purple like the dark purple squares for sashing ,  not the blue or light purple .I put all 3 of them together the same day.
 A different pattern with same fabric as first quilt , I still need to press all 4 of these new tops and get them ready for Batting and Backing then I can quilt them. This one still needs to be sewn together.
 Teddy Bear Panel ready to machine quilt
Jungle Print ready to machine quilt ,this is # 2 of this panel , 1st one is already sold .

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mug Rugs For Mother Day Finished and Delivered

I think I posted about this 2 monthas ago , I took them home , added the batting and back to them and machine quilted about 22 of them, I do not have a photo of all.
Then I put the binding on and machine stitched a fancy stitch on each one .
On Mothers day they all gave out a mug rug to all the Ladies at church .

This one of the purple a teal Butterfly my Sarah made it for a friend of mine's friend that has stage 4 cancer.
We sent that and a card her sister made to him.2 weeks ago,Hope it cheered him up.

All the rugs were done with either Fabric markers, fabric crayons or paint , some used a stamp.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring Has Sprung Into Summer !

My Beautiful Yellow Rose and the prettiest one yet!
My Almost Black Rose is still as Red as can be .

 Rose of Sharon that my sister Tina rooted for me 3 years ago finally had 3 blooms at the same time .
I love the Kalanchoe ,I could not resit the white !

 I think this is Honeysuckle but a friend said it was Jasime either one is ok as it smells so good! It is now covering the fence between our house hope it gets bigger this year.
 Another new Kalanchoe but a gold color this time , I saw some bright orange from the distance at Walmart hope they still have some .
 I am not even sure I have a name for this plant , it wants to spread all over but it sure does have pretty blooms when it is blooming .

 A Begonia plant one of many kinds
                             My Crown Of  Thorns is getting pretty big this year.

 These are just a few of the new flowers and plants that have come back and some new from Lowes  . I have worked out side every morning for 3 or 4 days , but it has been raining since yesterday, so nothing got done today, Still so much more to do and cleaning out areas for new flowers and the repotted plants .
We have had pretty nice days for a month and now all of a sudden it has been getting HOT! except for today it is lots cooler with the rain.
I hate to see how our summer is going to be as I have a hard time dealing with the heat over 75 degrees.
 In the afternoons I have been quilting another Baby quilt for an order ,plus some mug rugs for the children at church to give away for Mother's Day. I will be showing those later.