Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Handkerchief Butterfly Quilt

 About 4 years ago Mom asked me to help her make the butterflies out of old hankies , so I pinned the shapes and then used a blanket stitch around 12 of them ,I had told her I would wait for her to emborider the heads and antlers and then go back and do more ,She waited almost 4 years for me to get back to it we would forget about it each time I went to visit , finally the last time I went I finished the rest, then we added the sashing and squares to it then, the wide boarder.
 Mom will get a yellow backing then ,hand quilt around each one, I can't wait to see it finished now!

Friday, October 17, 2014

2 Baby Quilts,A Mug Rug and A Color Cloth

 A baby quilt that I made for a friend, I did not have enough of one color for the binding, so I pieced it with the plain colors.
 A free hand drawn mug rug of  flowers, I used fine point marking pen and fabric markers, then ironed the colors in before machine quilting it.
 I brought this panel at the Quilt Show in White Springs last year and decided to color it with fabric crayon's  at Mom's, the power had gone off because of a storm, so I was unable to sew, we lit several candles and I colored the panel, then ironed the colors in the next day. I do not care for the wording so debating on whether to use wonder under and apply it to another color cloth.
Another baby quilt i made ,it looks just like the one i made for a great grandson.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Latest Quilts Finished and New Tops

 Finished this,sold and sent out
 Machine Quilted Panel ,sold
Machine Quilted Eagle Panel
 Pieced and Machine Quilted for Baby boy or toddler
Tops that are ready to add the batting and backing to ,red and green is more for a girl , ,Black and Gold more for a boy

Friday, October 3, 2014

Machine Quilting a 5 Generation Quilt For A friend

 My friend Donna had asked me about finishing up this quilt for her by making the backing to fit and quilting it.
 She wanted to tell about the quilt on the back so I asked my niece Kim to do the words for me on her special emboridery machine.
 Donna told me that she received the quilt her gr Grandmother made but some of the old feed sack fabric messed up,  she was trying to preserve what was still good, so she took some of it apart and made it look like this .
At first I was going to ask my Mom to hand quilt it, but with her having health issues and had so much to do she said it would be after the holidays to get to it , so I decided to go ahead with the machine quilting and keeping in  mind that it was old I made an X in all the squares to keep it together better with a special fancy stitching. Donna had sent me light blue thread so it is hard to see where it has been stitched, but we love it just the same . I would do this with the one I found in a hide away couch that was here when we brought this house. Anyway I am proud of Donna for accomplishing something like this, she has not been quilting very long! Good Job Donna !!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Making Book Markers

A Friend from my church had asked me to be in charge of a craft class for the ECHO Ministries for Foster Children's back to school Bash.This was what I came up with for them to make. Book markers .    
 We used stencils  for most of them some did  free hand art.I asked them to trace the stencils with pencil or pen first ,then color in using markers or crayons .
 After they colored them I punched a hole for the ribbon,then we covered the work with clear packing tape to make it last longer.

We put the ribbon on after the clear tape  
On the backs I told them they could rite  "My Book Marker" then a heart with their name , some just put their name.
Work table , I will also be doing a church class with these Book markers with our church students ,we will be making as many as we can for our Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes ,hope to make 150 of them!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Quilt Tops

 Saw this frog , insect fabric ,I thought it would make a cute baby quilt for a boy. Appliqued a grasshopper going to the boarder

Polar Bears 
Seals & Penquins

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Schoonover Family Reunion

Tina, Rexa,Mom and I have been planning a family Reunion for over a year.
We decided to have it at the River Rendezvous in Mayo ,Florida , which is near Mom and Tina.
We decided the date  June 28th because it was Mom and Dad's Anniversary  date (6-28-1947) and Grandma Schoonover's birthdate   (6-28 1902 )
 Myself with Royce ,Rexa and Clifford, Mom , Tina and Gary
Most of my Family -11 did not come 
 Most of Rexa's family -4 of hers did not come
All of Tina's family was there
This is 45 of us  but we had 52 there on sat for the dinner . We had lots of plans to do games and etc. but it was so hot most of them stayed in the water, part time in the spring pool and part time in the regular pool , we did manage to do some tie dye shirts , I made up a little bit of the family tree but some of it was not all in there, so I am making a bigger one for next year.  We had ton's of food, Gary cooked lots of hot dogs hamburgers Fri. night,  the next day he cooked ribs ,Kevin and Jason helped .
It was so good to see everyone  some came from Ohio ,Mich. Minn. and Miss, as well as most of us from here .
Hoping to go to Tennessee next year!
 Back in March we had gone down to check on the water level at the camp it was really high and part of the camp was flooded The first sign on the tree shows how high it was this year the top one was in 2009
The Spring Pool where they spent most of their time
 Tina ,Gary and Jason the first night there cooking!
Bradley showing Teddy some hints about his excellent fishing talent!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Dresses I Made For Silver Spur Cloggers

 I had gotten a message from a friend asking if I was interested in making some dresses for a team of Cloggers who are a non-profit group that work with children that want to dance .
After lots of discussions and a visit it was decided that I will make them with my DIL's help . The leader Patti told me that she felt like the Lord had sent an angel to her that had the same vision she did , after trying for a year she was so excited that I was willing to make them and have as many as I could for the 4th Of July Event at Mosic Park in Bartow ,Fl.
 I managed to get 13 dresses made and fixed her dress in 21 days .I needed to get them done on time for my daughters visit to Fl . from Mich. as we had already  made plans for a Family  Reunion on the 28th of June. We made it back in time for the event.Below are some of the girls ,and they are all so happy !!
 This is Yvonne
 Patties dress ,I had to make a new back because of the way someone else put in the zipper ,then I added the ruffles to the skirt and neckline , She fell in love with it!
 Jessica , a very good 4 yr old dancer
 At the event -Patricia with Chloe and Sarah-- I did not make the black and blue outfits ,just the Zebra with blue and silver.
All of them dancing
 Patti and Allen both have been planning this event for a year! A Very Happy Couple !

Notice the tiny little girl in left corner and the little boy on the right ,she is about 2 or 3 and he is 4