Monday, August 30, 2010

Learned Something New !

               The pictures I will be showing are of white cotton dyed with rusty items ! Yes ! Rusty !!!
        I learned this from another blogger, LuAnn Kessi of  "May Your Bobbin Always Be Full" was doing a tutorial on how to dye cloth with rusty items, I was so ready to try this and I did . Of course I did ask her permission before posting and she said it was ok and that she loves to inspire others,  I do too . It was so much fun taking the cloth and items out of the bag after dipping the cloth in vinegar and then wraping them around the rusty items .
       I did not use the string to hold them together like she did , I was in too big a hurry to try it , this is the results .Stunning ! This one just above was wrapped around a Dollar store silver platter that was outside rusting. The first one was wrapped around my old iron dutch oven that I was using in the garden.
This one was an old tin baking pan.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Machine quilting practice

I decided to make something differnt and came up with this.
I machine quilted this one on taffada, I still need to practice my machine quilting, so I thought this would be a good way to start, when I get it done I will use it for a bible cover. I have several more started and to finish up. I am having fun with this type of fabric, it is beauitful quilted, I might even make a quilt with some of it .

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blog Contest Winnings

Finally !!
Fabric I won has arrived !!
After countless orders and failed e-mails we have this prize straighten out ..I had received an e-mail from Christine at the "Around The Block Quilt Shop" in O'Fallon,Il. right after I found out my" Under Water Wonders" Quilt won the Seashore quilt contest at the "Quilting Gallery" Weekly Contest a month ago. 
 I was to chose what I wanted for $30.00 , I did that sent it back, waited and waited, no re-ply so I e-mailed them and she told me to try agian, did that and waited some more, after 2 or 3 more failed e-mails we finally got it done, she wanted to call me, but being a deaf person it is hard to wait by the phone for someone to call me using the relay service, so I decided to call her and this is the results ! 
 I am really thrilled ,most of  the fabric is for a special quilt  and I can't wait to get started but I have some other projects that need my attention at this time ,so hopefully by Oct. I can get to it, I also need to decide on a pattern .
I want to say Thank You to everyone who voted, for the Quilt Gallery for the contest and for the Quilt shop for the gift, it is a wonderful feeling and fun to do.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Making A Crazy Quilt Mess!

This is the mess I am making in my room where I sew, the table is  full of everything under the sun... along with all the satins, silks, taffadas, velvets, brocades and a ton of lace and trims! I have tried to keep everything in order, but I am just not that organized when it comes to making stuff I love to make. As you can see I also have a bag of crackers, a paint stick, a thrift store card all combined with the fabrics and I can barely see out of my window, that is another thing I need to do is wash the windows! Who Has time for that when you're having fun making these!
I am now in the process of getting them ready for the handwork ,which will take some time, if I was at Mom's she would be doing alot of that. Some of the sqaure ones are the last of a quilt top, the last 3 bigger ones are for bible covers. I will show them agian when I have them done.
My cousin Susan asked me to do a tutorial on how to make the crazy quilt blocks, I will get to that soon, I keep forgetting to take the pictures as I sew, which is hard for me as I like to keep going once I get started, but I will do it !
Oh and the mess it will stay there until I am done ,then I will spend a day just cleaning that up.
Keep watch for the finished items,I will post as they are done .

Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Crazy Quilt Pillow

 This is another pillow I started last week the crazy square block you see has been in our stack of blocks for a couple years ,I loved it so much I decided to make another  pillow and used a different brocaded uphostery fabric .
This shows it in 3 stages, I will be using a heavy taffada for the back of the pillow and then add more embellishments later.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Ever Changing Sky !!

I love watching the sky change colors ,its amazing how our God can paint a picture .The last one is of a stormy day just before it rained.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Crazy Quilt Tote Bag - E-mail problems

A tote Bag I made for myself and one for my sister,I used scraps of taffada and lace also toole and lots of beads.I use the bag to carry my photo albums and note books in for when I travel.I am still working on the bible covers and pillows I will show those when done .
For some reason I have been having probelms with my e-mails, some I send out come back for reason's I have no idea why .So please bear with me until I figure it out, I tried to re-ply to a couple of comments and they came back, not just from comments, but regular e-mails too. It sure has been differnt since I changed providers.  But please keep making comments as I love to hear from you !  Thanks ,Cheryl

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mom's Quilt in Contest

Emboridered Quilt in weekly Blogger Contest -This one is my Mom's ,she spent years working on this one ! There are 20 large squares ,all hand emboridered. The flowers in the middle are crocheted . and then she hand quilted around all this .
Lets help her get some votes ,she is 82 and I feel like she deserves a win .here's the link
The name of the quilt is White with Blue Emboridery Quilt  by Daisy Schoonover, Thanks everyone !

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crazy Quilt Pillow

A new project I have been working on this week, I have decided to make a few pillows, this crazy block I have had for awhile, it is one of my favorites out of many that Mom & I have made, I love it so much I am making a pillow with it. The upholstery fabric you see it laying on will be the pillow base.
 I am also making bible covers, I have 2 ready for all the fun stuff, trims, emboridery & etc .
When I came back from Mom's she sent back about 20 crazy quilt blocks for me to put together for the quilt show, those are mostly done, I just need to add the sashing and the boarder, then we will add the finishing touches just before the show .
I am in hopes of selling a few pillows and bible covers for a trip to Tenn . to see my daughter and family, they just moved there from Michigan , I haven't seen them in 3 yrs !

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kid's art work on Blue Jean Cloth

My Grand daughter Chloe and her 2 friends were over here playing with the doll house but then got tired of it and acted bored, so I cut out some 8" X 10" blocks of Blue Demin, told them to draw something pretty ,add the embelishments and then give back to me .I sewed them into tote bags.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

White & Blue Lung Cancer Quilt -Done!

Finally I am done with the lung Cancer Quilt .After looking at both plans I had for Tracey she decided on the one with the dark blue sashing.I used what fabric I had in my stash ,I had quite a bit of sky blue with the clouds and some nice water fabric that I mostly use for my landscape quilts.
The dark blue is of water also, I had alot of that,I machine quilted X's in the blocks, then left the sashing plain.I drew and applicaded the ribbon  out of the flanel that was left over from the backing .I then applicaded the word :" HOPE " with the dark blue fabric and use the blanket stitch on all of that , For the boarder I machine quilted the circles on 2 corners to reprecent the inside of our lungs and stripled the rest.

This is of the back , I brought the best flanel from HeartFelt Quilt shop on sale last week.I reconment flanel for backing but I think it should be in color, not white.But I got this because it was on sale and because the ribbon is white for lung cancer .

Friday, August 6, 2010

Scrappy Quilt Fabric

I got this bag of scraps out of my closet awhile back ,the bag is a conforter size bag for a full size bed. I saved alot of scraps for along time , I was wondering how many scrappy quilts I might be able to get out of it .
I am thinking possibly 4 lap quilts would do it.
 Maybe I will start on them over the winter months.
Or too I might donate it to someone for charity quilts.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rexa's Heirloom Quilt

Here is another crazy quilt !   Mom had these heart shape blocks given to her by a friend . They were already shaped like a heart, Mom was not sure what she wanted to do with them,well since Mom & I have the first one we made. Rexa, my younger sister by 3 yrs decided she would like to have one, so Mom and I started decorating them with more trims, beads, lace, embroidery and extra buttons & etc. Quite abit of the lace & trims Rexa sent up to her. 
Mom did not know how she wanted to finish the quilt, so she waited for us to go back to Live Oak, we decided it was best for her to line the hearts and turn them,because of the raw edges it seemed easier,  so she did that with tulle, then we laid them out like this, Mom hand sewed them down and Rexa told her to leave the rest for her to do, later on she will add more embellishments to the velvet part.
The velvet is burgany with a boarder like the first one made of embossed satin.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Old 30's Quilt ??

When we brought the house next door from our old one ,the owner left some furniture in here ,one was a hide away sofa ,well after living here for about 3 months or longer I decided to open the sofa, and this is what I found! I could not belive my eyes, it is very old and in not so good shape.
You can see some places where the fabric is worn away ,It surely looks to have been hand made all the way through .I showed it to a friend of Mom's and a couple others and every one says it looks to have been made in the 30's ! I looked for a name or date, none to be found , Sure would love to know who made it . I do not know what to do with it and at this time I have it in my closet .