Monday, January 31, 2011

Slide Show -Schoonovers Heirloom Quilt

I have shown the quilt on my blog before, but it was hanging up and you could not see each block close-up , so the last time I went to Mom's I decided to take a photo of each block and was going to show them a few at a time, but then when I discovered the slide show, I decided to show them this way. I have names for some of the blocks to represent members of the family ,of course I do not have enough blocks for everyone  ,so we will try to add the ones we can as we go.
When Aunt Kathy was down for a visit ,I think we picked one for her but I forgot which one it was ,I am thinking we wrote it down somewhere at Mom's . When we made the quilt we did not intend to have it completed as we wanted to be able to add a few things to it each year .
We also made a heart shape quilt for Rexa (sister) and another one like this but smaller for Tina (sister.)I will be making more quilts like this, not sure who gets those! LOL

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Apology on Blog Confusion !!

Wow!! I can't believe I have had this problem for months now ! My cousin sent me a Facebook message asking if I have been receiving her e-mails, Blog notifications & etc. I told her I have not been receiving any blog notifications since I changed computers last summer ! When I changed computers we also changed providers ,therefore I had to change my e-mail address ,so I never did know when anyone left a comment unless I went to the blog each day and when someone did leave a comment, I would just click on the person's name and re-ply that way . Wrong.... I found out the e-mails are not going through !
So I want to apologize to everyone that left me a comment, that if you did not get a re-ply I am sorry for the confusion ,I guess my settings were wrong ,so it is all fixed now thanks to my cousin Susan from PA.
I would love to receive more comments and hopefully this will help solve the problem.Thanks for Listening .

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Whole Cloth- Hand Quilted By Mom

This it a quilt my sister Tina brought a year or so ago and asked Mom to quilt it for her,
Mom decided to start last year . I forgot to get how many hours it took her and I tried to capture the whole cloth effect but I did not show up good, so I took several close up's. I am amazed at Mom's ablitiy to keep hand quilting , she does excellent quilting and has done several quilts for others and was able to get paid for her work .She just turned 83 on new years and is still doing hand quilting !

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quilts hanging up in HeartFelt Quilt Shop

I have these 2 quilts hanging up in the quilt shop in hopes of selling them ,they are wall hangings and would look good on someones wall. The flower one is loaded with all different colors and sizes of beads ,no 2 flowers are alike ,the farm one I drew and painted the barn,tractor,truck,water trough,dirt road and wagon wheel, all of it is applicaded.
Heartfelt Quilt shop is one of my favorites and the same place I purchased my Janome 6500. I love the shop, they have some beautiful fabrics,all kinds of threads, books more finished quilts and etc.There is also classes ,I went to one and loved it but have not been able to attend anymore.I have them listed on my sidebar if you would like to vist their web site..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Inspired By Montano

I brought this book from Suwannee Valley Quilt Shop in Trenton Florida ,on our way back to Auburndale ,Fl. from Live Oak,Fl. my sister Rexa and I decided to stop there because she has never been there .I could not resist this book, it broke me but thats ok it has inspired me to get back into more crazy quilting .The book is "Elegant Stitches by Judith Baker Montano"
All these old hankies, dollies & laces were in a basket that I have had stored in a dresser for 2 or 3 years ,I had forgotten about them until I went through it agian , most of all this came from the quilt show in Davenport when they had the Quilters Dream Closet ,I did not have to pay much for them , I was amazed that anyone could sell them !
See the one hankie in the lower left corner with a green 4 leaf clover ,it says pure irish linen, it is pretty old & stained, I think it just makes it look more anitque.
Here is a couple of pictures from inside the book , can you see why it is inspirational !
Some of the laces you see is lace I have had longer than the hankies, this hankie on the book looks very delicate, I am thinking I will make small wall hangings out of most of these as they may not hold up in a quilt ,even a shadow box with some old jewery and tinkets would be wonderful !
I can't wait to get started on these but I have several other things that have to come first ,so this is another one for the back burner for now.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cold Weather Rose

Last week we had a couple of really freezing cold mornings,I had to cover most of my plants ,I noticed a rose bud, but forgot to cut it , the next day I saw this !
I could not belive how well it looked .
The same rose 5 days later and it is still looking great!
This is a sunset on  another cold day, this one changed really fast.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Remember These -Something New !

I had purchased a package of these for the girls to give to them at christmas , I wanted to make them pretty .

So I made some with cloth

 And some I did crocheting
variety of yarns were used
These above 3 are heavy rope like thread,soft ribbon and thin crocheting thread.
Below is very soft yarn that I removed from a neck scarf and dollie I did not use any more.
I am still making them for  future gifts.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Christmas gift from Mom

I knew Mom was working on this for a long time,she hand sewed every piece in each block, last July she asked me how I like it with the brown sashing and the pink ,I told her I liked it . She finished quilting it by hand in the fall and gave it to me for Christmas . She did not add anything in the little squares because she was not sure if I would want button 's or french knots, she quilted a small flower in each. At first I liked the idea of french knots, but we put buttons on it and liked it alot better.

This shows more of it and without the buttons , I still have to sew them on, but I am waiting for more buttons as I need 35 and only have 20 ,the walmart store in my town does not have the same color !
So the next time I go to Live Oak I hope they have more as I would like them to all be the same .

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Quilts And Tea Pictures

There was an area in one of the churches where they displayed alot of Feed Sack quilting ,Old machines and what they made out of Feed Sacks besides quilts .This first one is entirely made out of feed and flour sacks and called Trash can Quilts.
This art quilt was in the same display and all the little tiny specks you see is tiny yoyo's !! Some were on a tree in the art quilt and some were being used to make a vest.
They had several old sewing machines on display also I know there was a singer, not sure yet what the others were.This one is a National .
Another quilt with old sacks .Note the pink is just like the same fabric I have of my grandma's old blue & pink quilt I showed in another post.
A dress made out of a sack and a few sacks left uncut. Notice the machine with the flowers on it and the fancy silver on the main part of the machine is a 1923 Singer #66.I would love to own one of those!
My Grandma Schoonover had an old singer, not sure what happened to it but I remember pumping the pedal to sew with it and it was when I was pretty young and was just learning to sew. 
This is a display of a few smaller quilts just before you get to the Feed Sack section . I think they also had a class on how to use the sacks , I missed it, it is strange how I seem to make a quilt every year to represent something they have on display .I also made a feed sack quilt and it was hanging up in Davenports City Hall .I have it showing in 2010 - Nov. archives post.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Machine Quilted and Pencil Coloring Pillow

A Few years ago when I first brought a free motion attachment for an older machine I needed to practice on something, so I used some fabric from a plain old wedding dress with batting , I used one of Mom's sencils to draw on the cloth and machine quilted it, I like it so well I decided to make it a pillow by adding the lace ,then I said well that is too plain so I got out my color pencils and shaded it with the light blue and pale yellow ,then added the lght blue ribbon and bow.
I gave it to Mom for her Birthday .
I made more than one and gave them away.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Crooks drive off with woman’s quilting business - WECT TV6 - - Wilmington, NC news and weather -

Crooks drive off with woman’s quilting business - WECT TV6 - - Wilmington, NC news and weather -
  I was shocked to read about this ... lets hope she had alot of pictures so we can help her keep watch for them.How can anyone do this is beyond me ! All that work !!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

History Of Kossuthville, Florida

As Historian of my community I always display what history I have already gathered for our Holiday Dinner we put on every year.
I have been historian for several years and we did not have any of this information except a few pictures and one photo of a reunion in 1950 of the 25 year reunion . Kossuthville was formed by a tiny community of Hungarians that decided to take a chance on farming , most of them inmigrated from Pa, NY
A Mr. Joseph Nemeth was concidered a leader and helped to name the little community of Kossthville ,I have quite abit of information but it is too much to add to this, maybe someday I will have a web page on it , in later years when the fire dept was built, the local firemen decided to shorten the name Kossthville to K-Ville so that is what most people call it now. Mr. Nemeth had kept a Journal of the happenings in this area ,but it was all written in hungarian and donated to the Hungarian Club of Plant City, hopefully I will be able to get some information about that.  This year marked our 85th Reunion !
This is the tree I put up every year ,before it was just a few red bulbs and tinsel , I added a more colorful touch to it and gave the candy canes to the children.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Favorite Quilt in Weekly Contest

This is My Basket Weave Quilt in the Quilting Gallery Weekly Contest ,called Whirlwind Of Color ..Please Vote ! You can vote until sunday at midnight at
Thank You !

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dresden Ouilt On Mom's Bed

This is one of the first quilts Mom made when she started quilting ,all hand quilted by her, it stays on her bed all the time .
Pillows were crocheted by her also except the white with blue was made by myself .I will tell about that one another time .
Mom is also a very advid reader, theres always a good book close by. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Left Over Blocks

With Mom being the active quilter she is ,this is what she does with any left over blocks .
Most of the time she sits at the machine and just sews away making as many blocks as she can, stores them in a plastic tub until she is ready to put a quilt together.
 Then when she is ready she will go ahead and put several tops together the same week and any left over blocks she will keep until she has enough for a new top this way.
 I love her way of doing them .

These are 2 she has ready for the batting and backing ,then she will most like do hand quilting on them, some times she will attemp to machine quilt them or she waits for me to do it for her when I get there.

Saturday, January 1, 2011