Sunday, July 4, 2010

My week with Mom & Feed Sack Fabric

I have had a wonderful week with Mom, the weather has been warm but we have also been getting some pretty heavy rain everyday, we got up 2 mornings to a lot cooler weather.
We have been in the sewing room everyday, I finished up 2 Quilts, a Basket Weave and a raffle quilt for my community center, to be raffled off in August. The Basket weave is for the Quilt Show coming up in October. I am currently working on my Volcano Quilt, I have made some changes since I last worked on it, so far it is coming along good, but it is a slow process, I have a little under half of the machine quilting on that one done, and then if there is time I will start another quilt of some kind .
When we went to PA in 2008 we went to visit with Mom's cousin's daughter Debbie, she was showing us her sewing and quilting room and gave us 4 feed sacks to take home with us, just a couple weeks ago I went to HeartFelt Quilt Shop In Winter Haven,FL and brought 2 more pieces that look like feed sacks to add to our stash.
Saturday Mom came in and said she wanted to start cutting the feed sack fabrics, so hopefully we will have some of those ready to quilt also, who knows. Like I said we get a lot done together, now if only Rexa was here too, she was to come for the weekend but unfortunately she was unable to make it.
I hope & pray that everyone has a wonderful and Happy 4th of July today .


  1. Cheryl did you receive this post from me on your old email address or the new one?

  2. Have fun with the feed sacks. Great to be sewing with your mom. Enjoy


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