Saturday, July 24, 2010

Craft Day with Children

Right after school was let out for the summer I had all the kids come over and we made some clay food for the girls doll house family .
 Boy did they have fun doing this, even 4 & 1/2 yr old Sarah made some, she made the taco's and some hambugers, of course Grandma helped !
I would suggest something to make and they would do it .We made enough to feed an army !
So see if you can find ice cream cones, plate of cookies, some apples, grapes, pizza, peas,string beans and etc. 
Anyway they all had fun and maybe another day we will make something else, as all of the kids love to make things and a couple of them are pretty artistic.After we made all this I then put them in the oven on 115 degrees for a few minutes .I did not have to leave them in there long as it was so hot in here  they were already getting hard .
The girls have a blast playing with the doll house and feeding thier little family.They have even pretened they were going on a picnic ! How fun is that!  

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