Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lunch & Quilting Day With Mom & Zelda

The first Wed.after I got to Mom's she had a very good friend Zelda come over for lunch ,to talk and quilt ,showing off our work at the same time, we enjoyed it very much.
Mom & Zelda usually get together every week to do this ,that day was no exception.
The Quilt shown is one of Zelda's latest ones ,I just love the flower fabric and the colors are so bright, the tote bag she made with YoYo's ,it is one of her latest creations .She loves to make tote bags and pocket books,her and her sister Shirley use them alot .
We was going to get together agian the following week but Zelda ended up ill, so it had to be put off .
I will be looking forward to when we can get together agian .
This was the same week that I finished to Basket weave and was working on the volcano quilt that day .

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