Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gourds Sent to PA

Gourds I cleaned, cut and painted in 2008 and sent to PA to give to my Aunt and family in Catlin Hallow. My Aunt Kathy had sent me a huge box full of the gourds after her first visit to Mom's.
The bowl was made from a large gourd that Mom's neighbor gave to me, I really enjoyed painting this one wirh the huge pink flower, I also made one for Mom ,I have one more for myself but have not started on it yet..
The one with the blue roof was done with wood putty , the green gourd with purple flowers is also done with the putty.
The yellow gold one has real lace glued to it and painted purple, all of them were spray painted with alot of the clear coat.
My Aunt Kathy has the bowl in her living room and at one time had the mini gourds in it . I think I posted a picture of it in March with some other gourds I had done. I have not done any this year yet, I still have a few more gourds to clean . I may do those when it cools down outside.
I planted seeds for some new ones, no luck ! I can't seem to grow them here for some reason !

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