Friday, July 23, 2010

Blue & White For Lung Cancer Quilt

      A good friend Tracey, our community president had asked me if I could make a quilt for her Dad who has lung cancer, I told her I would love to do this, she was not sure how she wanted it made, said to use blue and put a white ribbon on it .
      I looked up lung cancer awareness, typed in search for lung cancer quilt, none showed up, could this be the first?
      Ok, so this is what I have on my small design board, I wanted to use the sky & clouds to represent the air and water because we have to use our lungs underwater too .
      I started out putting it together like the 2 at the top and then realise it will not be big enough as she wants him to be able to wrap it around him while at Chemo, as it is very cold in there, so I decided to move the blocks out and add the dark blue sashingto make it bigger.
      I myself am leaning towards the last one as it seems to bring it out better ,I am trying to imagine a large white ribbon symbol in the middle of the quilt ,that is something I need to buy, the white fabric. I don't think I have any pure white in my sash !
      I will be sending Tracey the pictures and let her decide which one she wants. I will post it agian when I have it done.

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