Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grandma Ely's Blocks or Mystery Quilt

I went ahead and put all the blocks together  ,with my daughter-in-laws help we decided it would be better this way ,then I added the 5 inch boarder , I want it  to be hand quilted ,I think it would make it more orginal this way..............
I brought this up to Mom and she said the blocks were not Grandma Ely's after all ,she said her Aunt Charolette gave the blocks to her years ago ,but Mom can't remember if her Aunt made them or if maybe Great Grandma Goodwin did ........................
So to me this is a mystery Quilt !


  1. I guess it is a mystery quilt for sure! It's still nice that the quilt will be finished and remain in the family! Make sure that you put the story on a label once the quilt is finished!

  2. I don't remember Aunt Charlotte sewing other than mending. Perhaps she did before Rod was born. Your mother would be the best judge of this. It is really interesting no matter who did it. It is still family.


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