Thursday, July 22, 2010

Horse Quilts

  Horse Quilts I made a couple yrs ago , I made them at the same time while at Mom's so I could use her design wall and when I had them all laid out I realized how they look like one quilt cut in half  . If they were side by side it looks like they are looking at each other from the other side of the creek .
I used the wonder under ,cut out each horse, rocks, Tree's & etc. ,alot of the background I just laid them out and added the rest, ironed all of it on and machine quilted free motion sewing.
A friend saw them and wanted to buy one from me for a friend of hers ,the other one I sold at HeartFealt Quilt Shop ,I have more fabric and plan to make more .
 I love horses and I have always wanted one ,but that was a just dream. I loved the books about Black Beauty ,Flame, Velvet, plus many more.

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