Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blue & White Embroidery Quilt & Room

Many years ago we used to have a TG&Y store in Auburndale, Mom found a package of 20 fabric squares with this design printed on them for emboridery work .The store was closing and she got them on sale.
She started the embroidery work not long after that ,of course she did not stay with it all the time, but she finally got them done and decided to put it together in either 2005 or 2006, but anyway she had it done in time for her sister Kathy to come for a visit, so she redid a chair, made some table tops for the dresser and night stand, she also made the pillows and crocheted the flowers for the quilt and the pillows, she also made a rug out of the 2"squares, but I did not get a picture of that .
One time when I went to visit her I brought the butterfly and I made the 2 shell boxes you see on the dresser, the one in front I gave to Aunt Kathy. I think Mom did an excellent job redoing this guest room and my Aunt, she could not belive how good it all looked .She really enjoyed her stay with Mom .
This was Aunt Kathy's first visit to Mom's in Florida and I know she enjoyed staying in this room , I know I do ,this is how it looks when I go to stay with her, I just love this room! .

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  1. You surely are right on all points. Still my favorite, the room flows perfectly.


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