Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back Home - 1st pictures of Basket Weave Quilt

  Ok I am Home safe and sound ! I had a wonderful 2 weeks with Mom, we got alot done,I will start with the first quilt we finished , I had alot of pic's of this quilt but for some reason my page will not let me up-load all of them.
I had the Basket Weave Qulit stored at Mom's for several months, I had it rolled up and when we un-rolled it,we discovered it needed to be pressed, so that is the first thing we had to to ,we took turns pressing and moving the quilt around as it is a queen size quilt.
Then it was so big I had to roll it up lenghtwise and used Mom's clamps to hold it in place to machine quilt it, I did not want to spend too much time on it,so I did the straight sewing through each block to look like an X , then I did my own hearts and swirls on the boarder,I left the deep red plain so it would puff out.
Then we put the same deep red on for the binding, Mom did the hand work.
Yesterday while my sister and her family was there I asked them to help hold it up for a full size picture . I will try to post a close up of the boarder,another time.

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